Grand Prize Winning Premium Sauce-marinated Mackerel
Grand Prize Winning Premium Sauce-marinated Mackerel
Grand Prize Winning Premium Sauce-marinated Mackerel

Grand Prize Winning Premium Sauce-marinated Mackerel

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Grand Prize Winning
Premium Sauce-marinated Mackerel

Fisherman's Harbor-Style Mackerel Bowl

Mackerel Bowl that Local Fisherman Enjoy at Harbor After Catching

You can taste this exact same dish at seafood bowl eateries run by fishermen in Singapore!
Just placed atop rice, it transforms into a superb bowl, reminiscent of restaurant quality. 

Right Amount of Richness with Sweet yet Savory Seasoning

This mackerel boasts a juicy, flavorful taste with no hint of fishiness.
Thanks to strong ocean currents, it has just the right amount of richness in fat, and its sweet yet savory seasoning becomes addictive.



Exclusively Enjoyable in Singapore

*The photo uses the same amount you'll receive.

This Sauce-marinated Mackerel is unavailable for purchase in Japan, offer a genuine taste experience directly in Singapore, allowing you to relish the flavors that capture the essence of the fishermen's restaurant!

Awarded the Grand Prize

At the 2018 Miyagi Prefecture Food Grand Prix, it was awarded the grand prize in the 'Seafood' category for its exceptional culinary excellence.

Phantom Mackerel
Renowned for Tender Texture with Rich Flavor

It's sourced near Kinkasan Island in Miyagi Prefecture, known as the Phantom Mackerel, owes its exceptional taste to the rich plankton in Kinkasan's waters.
Fed by mountain blessings, these fish accumulate fat along the foothills, resulting in their outstanding richness, subtle flavor, and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

How to Enjoy

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Story of Fisherman Japan

The ultimate fishing team formed by the young fishermen of the Sanriku region who work in the waters of one of the world’s top three fishing grounds.
Their objective is to propose a future of the fishing industry that can be passed on to future generations from their home in the Tohoku region to all over Japan and to the world, regardless of regions and types of industries.
Their immediate goal is to become “genuinely cool and successful fishermen” in order to create a fishing industry, which the future generation can look up to.


Sanriku Collection from Tohoku Region

Sanriku, A coastal area along the east of Tohoku Region of Japan

Sanriku is famous for delicious seafood and sakes unique to the Tohoku region, a region that benefits abundantly from the vast nature, clean water, weather, rice, and other natural blessings.

With the abundance of seafood, there are also many sake breweries that have existed for a long time, and many sake made with techniques inherited from craftsmen who have passed on their skills from generation to generation.

- A world premier fishery zone, a treasure trove behind Japan fish cuisines -

This is a project to introduce the rich seafood of Sanriku, one of the world’s three major fishing grounds, to Singapore. 
Focusing on premium fishes - abalone, sea urchin, salmon roe, and crab, and deliver them to Singapore along with the voices of the producers.

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