Premium Soy Sauce marinate Ikura (Salmon Roe) from Iwate
Premium Soy Sauce marinate Ikura (Salmon Roe) from Iwate
Premium Soy Sauce marinate Ikura (Salmon Roe) from Iwate
Premium Soy Sauce marinate Ikura (Salmon Roe) from Iwate
Premium Soy Sauce marinate Ikura (Salmon Roe) from Iwate

Premium Soy Sauce marinate Ikura (Salmon Roe) from Iwate

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Premium Ikura from Kita-Sanriku

A silky smooth ikura, with tender, creamy texture that flows in your mouth.

This is a completely Japanese-salmon Ikura that is hard to find even in Japan due to the recent serious poor salmon catch.

Also, it is an exceptional delicacy known for its unparalleled quality, often referred to as the "Tokusan".

The term "Tokusan" is a nickname commonly used in the seafood wholesale industry, including the Toyosu Fish Market, to represent highest-quality products.

The discerning expertise of experienced professionals with 60 years of knowledge in the field is applied to handpicked fish roe, ensuring only the finest selection.

Fish roe are soaked in a special soy sauce, taking into account the optimal marinating time for the day.

By using these carefully selected roe, the texture becomes silky and the skin is less likely to stick to the palate, resulting in the ultimate flavourful experience.

Each roe is large, fresh, and beautifully coloured.


Compared to other Ikura this is...

1. Larger size of each roe

First of all, it's larger than Ikura sold in supermarkets, and you can enjoy more of plump texture. The large thin-skinned ikura melts in your mouth.

2. Carefully selected from Kita Sanriku knows as "Seafood Kingdom"

It is brightly coloured and large in size because it is made only from salmon roe that has been caught in the rough seas of Sanriku, where cold and warm currents meet and is packed with flavour.

3. A firm confidence in the freshness of the roe

In order to keep it fresh, it is processed on the same day it is caught and marinated in a secret sauce to give it a rich yet light taste.

Catch plunges to 1/3 for the past 10 years

In Japan, it has become increasingly difficult to secure salmon, the "raw material" for ikura, due to a series of "poor catches" over the past few years.

In Japan, the annual salmon catch, which was around 150,000 tons in the 2015 period, drastically decreased to approximately 50,000 tons between 2019 and 2020, representing a one-third reduction.

The decrease in salmon catch has resulted in a decrease in the amount of salmon roe that can be processed, making ”Japanese ikura" a scarce and hard-to-find ingredient, even in Japan.

What makes Japanese Ikura outstanding?

On top of the quality of salmon, processing techniques are significant factors for the popularity of Japanese ikura.

In Japan, unique processing techniques have been developed to enhance the taste of ikura and make it more enjoyable. Japanese processing techniques involve careful selection of ikura, followed by processes such as salting and marinating in special seasonings.

These techniques bring out enhanced flavours and textures, making the Japanese ikura even more delicious.

The combination of salmon's quality, Japan's favourable water and food environment, and the application of advanced processing techniques has made "Japanese Ikura" a highly sought-after delicacy both in Japan and internationally. 

Speciality of salmon from Kita-Sanriku

Salmon, born in the river go down to the sea, spend several years growing up, and return to the river where they were born. In autumn, set-net fishing for salmon flourishes off the coast of Kita Sanriku, with the peak of catches occurring between October and December.

Salmon that survive the rough tides of Kita Sanriku, where the Kuroshio and Oyashio tides collide, are packed tightly and their flesh remains red and delicious.


Story of Kochido Shoten

They're located along the coast of northern Iwate Prefecture, with the Pacific Ocean stretching out behind the Kitakami Mountains.

The coastline is designated as Rikuchu Kaigan National Park, and Kurosaki, with its rugged 150m-to-200m-high cliffs dropping into the sea, is known as the "Alps of the Sea" for its masculine natural beauty.

The area off the coast of Fudai is known as the Sanriku fishing grounds and is rich in resources.

From material selection to production, they are committed to quality, and to making delicious and safe products.

Their staff members are working hard to make products with the utmost sincerity so that they can send directly to their customers' tables the "taste" and "deliciousness" that only Sanriku can offer.

Sanriku Collection from Tohoku Region

Sanriku, A coastal area along the east of Tohoku Region of Japan

Sanriku is famous for delicious seafood and sakes unique to the Tohoku region, a region that benefits abundantly from the vast nature, clean water, weather, rice, and other natural blessings.

With the abundance of seafood, there are also many sake breweries that have existed for a long time, and many sake made with techniques inherited from craftsmen who have passed on their skills from generation to generation.

- A world premier fishery zone, a treasure trove behind Japan fish cuisines -

This is a project to introduce the rich seafood of Sanriku, one of the world’s three major fishing grounds, to Singapore. 
Focusing on premium fishes - abalone, sea urchin, salmon roe, and crab, and deliver them to Singapore along with the voices of the producers.

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