Cocco - Steamed cake with fresh milk cream from Shizuoka Prefecture
Cocco - Steamed cake with fresh milk cream from Shizuoka Prefecture
Cocco - Steamed cake with fresh milk cream from Shizuoka Prefecture
Cocco - Steamed cake with fresh milk cream from Shizuoka Prefecture

Cocco - Steamed cake with fresh milk cream from Shizuoka Prefecture

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Cocco - Steamed cake with fresh milk cream

The most beloved souvenir from Shizuoka Prefecture for over 35 years

An incredibly popular sweet, with a total annual sales of 11 million units, has arrived from Shizuoka Prefecture to Singapore!
It's a delightfully fluffy steamed cake filled with milk cream made from the pure waters of the Southern Alps and fresh eggs.
Resembling a fluffy yellow chick, it's a steamed confection crafted from eggs, hiding milk cream at its core.

The key here is said to be the water.
Shizuoka City, where the factory is located, is abundant in distilled water from the Southern Alps.
Using this water's steam, they're able to delicately and deliciously steam the cakes.

With just one bite, the gentle taste of eggs spreads in your mouth, showcasing the generous use of eggs in the recipe.
The milk cream inside acts as a delightful accent, offering a soft, creamy texture to savor. Loved by everyone, from children to the elderly, for its gentle flavors.


3 Commitments of Cocco

The reason Cocco originates from Shizuoka is quite clear.
The Abe River, flowing vertically through the lengthy north-south expanse of Shizuoka, descends rapidly from the towering peaks of the 2,000-meter-high Otani Range, making it one of Japan's most vigorous rivers, rushing directly from mountains to sea. Underground, it stores abundant subterranean water.
Without passing through dams along its course, this pure, high-quality water flows underground, remaining pristine—a source of pride for Shizuoka.
Cocco's choice to create steamed confections rather than baked ones like sponge cake stemmed from cherishing the blessings of this water.
Steaming confections with this delightfully soft and moist water undoubtedly adds to their deliciousness.

1. Eggs

Delicious ingredients at their best' is Cocco's foundation.
Eggs, constituting one-third of the ingredients, are sourced fresh within three days of being laid and used on the same day.

2. Milk Cream

Specially crafted for Cocco, this unique milk cream pairs exquisitely with the egg-based batter, resulting in an exceptionally smooth texture.
They adjust the cream's firmness according to the season, making it firmer in the summer and softer in the winter.

3. Water

Utilizing the subterranean waters of the pristine Abekawa River, known for its exceptional water quality, Cocco steams its products using traditional steaming methods.


Story of Mihomi

They're established in Shizuoka as a tea shop in 1953 (Showa 28).
In 1977 (Showa 52), it founded the confectionery company Daifuku Seika.
The concept was solidified in 1986 (Showa 61) with the establishment of Mihomi, exclusively handling sales.

Shizuoka Prefecture Collaboration

Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest mountain (3,776m), and Suruga Bay, Japan's deepest bay (2,500m), are both located in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Furthermore, with a mild climate, long hours of sunlight, and little temperature variation throughout the year, our prefecture is an ideal setting rich in nature, with a diverse range of specialty products available throughout the year.

Shizuoka prefecture in central Japan is known for its diverse natural environment, which includes oceans, mountains, rivers, and lakes, as well as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and manufacturing industries.

- Easily accessible from Tokyo to Shizuoka prefecture –
Approximately 1 hour by shinkansen (bullet train)
Approximately 3.5 hours by highway bus.

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More Details

Product Name Cocco - Steamed cake with fresh milk cream from Shizuoka Prefecture
Country of Origin Shizuoka, Japan
Weight 6 pcs (2 pcs x 3 packages)

Sugar (Produced in Japan), Egg, Flour, Fat spread, Edible oils and fats, Foods whose main ingredients are milk, etc., salt / Expanding agents, Emulsifiers, Modified starches, Fragrances, Sorbitol, Colorants (gardenia, carotene), Polysaccharide thickeners, Antioxidants (V.E.), (Contains wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, and soybeans)

Expiry Within 35 days from manufacturing date, written on the upper side. (Unopened)
*Consume as soon as possible as once it's opened.
How to store Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

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