Premium Sliced Sockeye Salmon - 高級紅鮭 (70gx2)
Premium Sliced Sockeye Salmon - 高級紅鮭 (70gx2)

Premium Sliced Sockeye Salmon - 高級紅鮭 (70gx2)

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Premium Sliced Sockeye Salmon

Thick, Tender, and Rich-flavored Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon

Packed with Tender Meat with Rich Flavor

This thick-cut, precious wild-caught sockeye offers a robust, intense umami flavor with just the right amount of rich, velvety texture, making it distinctive and sought after, as well as tender and rich-flavored.


Dedicatedly Thick-cut and Unsalted

Only the finest, carefully selected wild-caught sockeye salmon, handpicked by fishermen with years of expertise in handling top-quality in the factory of Miyagi prefecture.

It is unsalted, allowing you to season it to your preference. 


Leaner Fat Content but Richer Flavor 

Wild salmon stands out for its leaner fat content, offering a richer, more intense umami flavor true to its nature.
With aquaculture being predominant, wild salmon remains highly sought after yet less commonly encountered.
You can experience the rarity of wild-caught sockeye salmon in the comfort of your home and savor its unique taste.


Sockeye Salmon, the 4% Exclusive Salmon Variety

Sockeye salmon, compared to other kinds of salmon, boasts a stronger flavor profile and represents only a mere 4% of the world's salmon production, making it a highly prized, rare fish.

Its moist, beautiful deep red color serves as a testament to its deliciousness.


Story of Sendai Tsukeuo

The craftsmen of Sendai Tsukeuo have been working with fish for many years, carefully handpicking and using only those selected ingredients.
This includes the freshest, most fatty seasonal fish from the seas around Japan as well as the world's oceans.
The president, Takeda, grew up in his idyllic hometown of the sea, mountains, and rivers, where his parents are currently involved in agricultural production.
It is the goal to introduce to people all over the country and the world, the agricultural products that they have grown in close contact with nature.

Sanriku Collection from Tohoku Region

Sanriku, A coastal area along the east of Tohoku Region of Japan

Sanriku is famous for delicious seafood and sakes unique to the Tohoku region, a region that benefits abundantly from the vast nature, clean water, weather, rice, and other natural blessings.

With the abundance of seafood, there are also many sake breweries that have existed for a long time, and many sake made with techniques inherited from craftsmen who have passed on their skills from generation to generation.

- A world premier fishery zone, a treasure trove behind Japan fish cuisines -

This is a project to introduce the rich seafood of Sanriku, one of the world’s three major fishing grounds, to Singapore. 
Focusing on premium fishes - abalone, sea urchin, salmon roe, and crab, and deliver them to Singapore along with the voices of the producers.

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