Niihime - Smooth Cheesecake Featured with Fragrant Citrus Fruit
Niihime - Smooth Cheesecake Featured with Fragrant Citrus Fruit
Niihime - Smooth Cheesecake Featured with Fragrant Citrus Fruit
Niihime - Smooth Cheesecake Featured with Fragrant Citrus Fruit

Niihime - Smooth Cheesecake Featured with Fragrant Citrus Fruit

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Niihime - Smooth Cheesecake
Featured with Fragrant Citrus Fruit

From the brains of the pastry chef Yoshitake Hamaguchi of their store Patisserie Mon Image, you can find this unique niihime cheesecake.
Located in Kumano City, Mie Prefecture, this store sells and specialises in confectionary that mixes both Japanese and Western elements. 
Through lots of trial and error, they were finally able to create this cheesecake.

A fusion of rich cream cheese and niihime, a fragrant citrus fruit that is a specialty of  Kumano City, it forms a tasteful experience that is both sweet and tart.
Opposite flavours which complement each other greatly, it is a popular product bringing customers back for more whether it be for a souvenir or their own indulgence.
A soft-boiled cheesecake similar to a terrine, it exhibits two moist layers of dough that allows for both the striking flavours of sweet and mildly sour to be tasted at once.
The smooth texture that melts in your mouth to the sweetness of the cream cheese and refreshing flavour of the citrus fruit, it truly a one of-a-kind cake.
It is even recommended to eat the cake half-thawed for the best flavour.

What is Niihime?

(Image from

A member of the same fragrant citrus family as sudachi and shikuwasa, it was discovered in Atashika-cho, Kumano City.
Sporting a green exterior akin to a lime it is oblate in shape.
It can grow up to around 3 centimetres in diameter and weighs around 25g to 30g.
It also  contains around 10 seeds per fruit. 


History of Patisserie Mon Image 

Starting all the way back to the beginning with Yoshitake Hamaguchi who was born to a family that ran a Japanese confectionary shop.
Since he was a child, he was always  interested and familiar with the delicate and refined flavours of traditional Japanese confectionaries.
They always dreamt and had this idea of creating their own concept of products where Japan meets the West and combines tradition with modernity.
With this, they set out on the path to become a pâtissier where every creation will deliver a unique gustatory experience.
In 2003, they established Patisserie Mon Image in Kumano, Mie Prefecture that has since been beloved by the locals.
With the idea of wanting to create products that showcase the region by using specialist ingredients from the prefecture, the  Zaku Cheesecake was born.

Official Collaboration with Tokai Region
(Aichi, Gifu and Mie Prefecture)

The Tokai region facing the Pacific Ocean is a naturally rich area known for its stunning sea and mountain vistas.
It boasts a wealth of natural hot springs, magnificent landscapes, historic landmarks, and retro townscapes, all of which showcase the region's rich history and continue to thrive in the present day.
Notably, it offers a wide range of tourist attractions.

In Aichi, you can experience the beautiful nightscapes of Mikawa Bay.
In Gifu, there's the world heritage site of Shirakawa-go and the renowned Mount Hakusan, one of Japan's three great mountains.
Additionally, in Mie, you can enjoy the striking contrast between the crystal-clear seas of Ise-Shima and the vibrant greenery.

 Of course, you can't miss out
on the region's delectable cuisine.

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