KAISEN-X | カニ丼 : Ultimate Crab Kaisendon
KAISEN-X | カニ丼 : Ultimate Crab Kaisendon

KAISEN-X | カニ丼 : Ultimate Crab Kaisendon

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カニ丼 :
Ultimate Crab Kaisendon


Thank you for choosing KAISEN-X today.
数あるSeafoodの中からKAISEN - X をお選びいただきありがとうございます。

Enjoy a Tsukiji KAISENDON right at home!

With our Tsukiji buyers, we personally selected fresh Kaisen from the market and processed, packaged on the spot by ourselves.

What's inside the bowl

Crab miso, カニみそ
Crab flake, カニフレーくク
Crab stick, カニ棒
Sea Urchin, ウニ

How to Enjoy

*Please keep in the fridge overnight to defrost and put this Kaisendon on top of the rice.
*Rice is not included in the product.


Sashimi Cut Right at the Market

Our sashimi is swiftly prepared by skilled artisans at the market and promptly flash-frozen. This process ensures freshness and safeguards against parasites and contaminants.

The Utilization of Cutting-edge Frozen Technology

This rapid freezing maintains cell membranes intact, preserving texture, color, preventing drips, eliminating frozen odors, and retaining the original aroma of ingredients. It's also less prone to oxidation.


Curated by Toyosu Buyer

With a wealth of experience, he confidently boasts an impeccable "keen eye" for sourcing the finest ingredients, procuring the freshest produce from Toyosu and Ota markets, where delectable ingredients from across the nation converge.

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