Ginzake-Amakasu-Zuke (銀鮭甘粕漬) 70g (1 piece) x 2pcs 
Ginzake-Amakasu-Zuke (銀鮭甘粕漬) 70g (1 piece) x 2pcs 

Ginzake-Amakasu-Zuke (銀鮭甘粕漬) 70g (1 piece) x 2pcs 

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Fruity sake sweetness and the rich umami of tender salmon 

Ichinokura Brewery's premium sakekasu for juicy, flavourful fish

Ichinokura Brewery, renowned for its premium sake, provides the sakekasu used to marinate this succulent coho salmon.

This unique process not only ensures a juicy texture but also amplifies the fish's inherent richness without overshadowing its original flavor.
The distinctive taste of coho salmon pairs well with sweet fruity sakekasu. The heady, alcoholic aroma of the sakekasu takes on caramel notes after grilling, highlighting the natural umami of the salmon flesh to produce an addictive, almost milky taste. 

Authentic Japanese Teishoku in the comfort of your home

It takes a mere 10 minutes to prepare this mouthwatering spread! Imagine tucking in to this restaurant-quality dinner after a long day at work, without having to spend much time in the kitchen at all. 

All you need aside from this juicy succulent salmon is some hot piping miso soup (simply add hot water and stir) and that's it! Yum~

Freeze-Dried Miso Soup Mini Box from Shinshu Miso Brewery (8pcs) 

What is Amakasu-Zuke?

A traditional Japanese culinary method where ingredients such as vegetables and fish are marinated in sake lees, the byproduct of making sake.
 Sakekasu (lees) are rich in vitamins and other nutrients that are said to be the secret to sake makers' good skin! When used as a condiment or for pickling food, sakekasu imbues food with a subtle umami and the distinctive fragrance of sake.

Enjoy Toasted Aroma and Subtle Sweetness

One of the distinctive features of Amakasu-Zuke is the robust aroma of toasted sake lees, coupled with a sweet fragrance that lingers after eating.


How to Enjoy

1. Please move it to the refrigerator to thaw at least 12 hours before serving.
(once thawed, please consume within 1-2 days for the fish will become increasingly saltier as the marinade continues to penetrate the fish flesh.)
2. Slowly cook over low heat on the grill or using parchment paper or similar.

*It can also be deliciously enjoyed by wrapping it in aluminum foil and cooking it in a steamed style.

Story of Sendai Tsukeuo

The craftsmen of Sendai Tsukeuo have been working with fish for many years, carefully handpicking and using only those selected ingredients.
This includes the freshest, most fatty seasonal fish from the seas around Japan as well as the world's oceans.
The president, Takeda, grew up in his idyllic hometown of the sea, mountains, and rivers, where his parents are currently involved in agricultural production.
It is the goal to introduce to people all over the country and the world, the agricultural products that they have grown in close contact with nature

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