Strawberry Baked Cheesecake by G7 Summit 2023 Executive Chef
Strawberry Baked Cheesecake by G7 Summit 2023 Executive Chef

Strawberry Baked Cheesecake by G7 Summit 2023 Executive Chef

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Strawberry Baked Cheesecake
by G7 Summit 2023 Executive Chef

Building upon the already lavish cheesecake by Patisserie Bell, the chef and owner Takashi  Suzuki has crafted something quite special.
Boasting an extensive resume of experience such as an executive pastry chef at a 5-star hotel, they have brought to life numerous sweet creations.
With this entry here being a strawberry twist to an established cake, it is the  perfect mark in celebrating the strawberry season. 

Made with plenty of strawberry puree and pulp, the rich flavours of the fruit are present with each bite.
Pairing along with the cheesecake, it is decadent and luxurious with just the right amount of sweetness.
The light pink-red colour of the cake represents the strawberry content making it delectable to the eye too.
No matter the occasion, this strawberry baked  cheesecake is one for everyone to enjoy.

Their Commitment

1. Each One, Carefully Crafted

Their cheesecake is meticulously baked at a patisserie called 'Du Bonne Augure' located in Tokyo.
The chef, originally an executive pastry chef at a 5-star hotel, ensures that the quality of taste is on par with the best hotels, aiming to create the 'world's best' cheesecake.
While the taste is 'world-class,' they strive to make it accessible to as many people as possible by offering it at an affordable price.
They invite you to enjoy their 'world's best' cheesecake with ease.

2. A Memorable Cheesecake for the Heart

At the hotel, elaborate and visually appealing cakes were highly prized, with Instagram-worthy aesthetics being paramount.
However, the had a different vision.
They wanted people to savor cakes that left an indelible mark in their hearts, even if they didn't make it to the camera's memory.
With this strong desire, Patisserie Belle was born.
They're here to deliver cheesecakes that may not always look perfect but will undoubtedly taste heartwarmingly delicious.
Their goal is to make people smile with every bite.

3.  A Small but Exceptional Team

At Patisserie Belle, their team operates with a small but exceptional group of individuals, with the chef at the core.
They divide various responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of their operations.
Operating in a modest lab and office space, their equipment and facilities may not be as extensive as those in famous establishments.
However, all their staff members share a rich background, having previously worked at 5-star hotels, just like the chef.
They resonate with the chef's spirit and the passion to deliver truly delicious creations.
They've all come together because they want to bring joy to their customers through the cheesecakes born in this small space, fueled by a multitude of feelings and enthusiasm.

The Journey of Chef Takashi Suzuki

Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, owner and chef Takashi Suzuki has over 20 years of experience working mainly in hotels and being involved in desserts.
This includes contributions to supervising restaurant desserts, dessert buffets, afternoon tea, wedding cakes, and has built up an admirable reputation.
During his career he has actively competed in competitions and has won over 20 notable awards, including the winning prize in the fresh sweets category at the ‘Kiri Cream Cheese Competition’ in 2011.
They have also won the prefectural governor’s award 3 times at the ‘Kanagawa Prefecture Western Confectionary Contest’.
In 2021 he opened Patisserie Bell, where they continue to meticulously craft and innovate various desserts, and perfecting existing favourites in their own special way.

Curators' Experience

Yuki Ohata, JPassport CEO

1. Is this cheesecake more dense and indulgent, rather than light and fluffy?
"It has a substantial and rich texture, leaning towards the heavier side".

2. Is the cheesecake characterized by a pronounced cheese flavor?
"The perfect balance between strawberry and cheese creates a delightful flavor profile".

3. Does the strawberry flavor lean towards a rich sweetness or sour profile?
"It's neither overly sweet nor sour, it captures the true essence of fresh strawberries. If you prefer a less sweet option, this is the one to try".

Shinya Kaneko, The founder of "Kaneko Hannosuke"

Out of other cheesecakes, why did you pick up this cheesecake?
"Purely and simply, it was delicious, unlike anything else.
The combination of strawberry's tartness and sweetness in a cheesecake is a perfect match".

"While plain cheesecakes are ubiquitous, strawberry-infused cheesecakes are highly distinctive and best enjoyed during this strawberry season.
This cheesecake is exclusively available in Singapore and not sold in Japan at this time of year!"


Story of Patisserie Belle

With 20 years of pastry chef experience, their skilled chef crafts cheesecakes that cater to all ages, from kids to seniors, ensuring both deliciousness and peace of mind.
Their signature product, the 'Melting Basque Cheesecake' or 'MeltBas,' stands out for its creamy cheese texture that literally melts in your mouth.
Their concept is to create cakes that can be enjoyed by anyone, from children to seniors, so while it's a Basque cheesecake, it's not overly caramelized, it's rich without being too sweet, making it a delightful treat for everyone.


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