Mochi Rice Arare Crackers mixed with 2 Soy Sauce Flavors (61g)
Mochi Rice Arare Crackers mixed with 2 Soy Sauce Flavors (61g)

Mochi Rice Arare Crackers mixed with 2 Soy Sauce Flavors (61g)

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Mochi Rice Arare Crackers mixed
with 2 Soy Sauce Flavors

Made with 100% Japanese Mochi Rice Non-fried Arare Cracker

It is a mix of round soy sauce-flavored mochi rice arare crackers and thinly sliced seaweed-topped, light soy sauce-flavored rice crackers.
As you eat them, the flavor becomes richer and more nuanced.
They are made without the use of artificial flavor enhancers or additives.

Curator's Experience

Tomoki Aikawa

He has visited over 2000 long-established shops in all 47 Japanese prefectures, making him the foremost expert in the country.
It has an incredibly light and crispy texture, and they dissolve in your mouth without any sticking sensation.
What's impressive about it is how quickly they disappear.
The black ones are seasoned with a dark soy sauce flavor, while the white ones have a lighter soy sauce flavor, surprisingly offering a slightly more pronounced taste.
The light texture and subtle seasoning make them easy to devour in an instant.
When compared to other arare crackers, their crispness is truly remarkable.


What is Arare cracker?

"Arare" is a traditional Japanese snack, which consists of small rice crackers made from mochi rice.
While the origins of arare have various accounts, one theory traces it back to the Nara period when it was believed to have been roasted and offered to the gods as part of rice harvest celebrations.
The word "Arare" is thought to be associated with the term "hail" or "sleet" that falls from the sky, possibly due to the puffed-up appearance of the crackers resembling hailstones or the sound they make when being prepared being similar to the sound of hail falling.
This makes "arare" a snack with an intriguing history, even for those unfamiliar with Japan's past.

Story of Yonezo

The company inherits the tradition of making rice crackers in the Kyoto Inoue style and has launched this brand.
The founder, Iwaki Yonezo, is the original creator of rice snacks in Toyama Prefecture. "Yonezo" is a brand created in honor of the founder, Iwaki Mikura.

All their products are carefully made in their main factory located in the fertile foothills of the southern part of the Tonami Plain in Toyama Prefecture, at an altitude of 110 meters.
They use 100% Japanese grown glutinous rice as the main ingredient, without any chemical seasonings, to bring out the flavor of glutinous rice and the goodness of the ingredients, making their rice crackers a superb delicacy.
They do not use the typical "uruchimai" rice but instead use Japanese grown mochi rice to prioritize safety and health, creating a rice cracker that allows you to savor the natural deliciousness of the ingredients.

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