WAGYU-X | MIYAZAKI A5 和牛ステーキバー: STEAK-BAR (200g)
WAGYU-X | MIYAZAKI A5 和牛ステーキバー: STEAK-BAR (200g)
WAGYU-X | MIYAZAKI A5 和牛ステーキバー: STEAK-BAR (200g)
WAGYU-X | MIYAZAKI A5 和牛ステーキバー: STEAK-BAR (200g)
WAGYU-X | MIYAZAKI A5 和牛ステーキバー: STEAK-BAR (200g)

WAGYU-X | MIYAZAKI A5 和牛ステーキバー: STEAK-BAR (200g)

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MIYAZAKI A5和牛ステーキバー:

STEAK-BAR (200g)



The JX Difference: Our Meat

We import Wagyu blocks directly from Miyazaki, Japan to ensure premium quality.

All meats are meticulously processed in Singapore, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

Our partner, chef Sho Naganuma personally oversees the processing of meats, in collaboration with Japanese Wagyu experts, ensuring excellence in every cut.

We exclusively use chuck short rib for our Steak Bars.

The shape of this cut is why our steak comes in a convenient bar form!

Tasty  seared crust outside, tender and juicy inside


How to Grill

Pat the WAGYU-X STEAK-BAR dry with a kitchen towel and let it rest at room temperature for 30 min before cooking . Season with Steak Salt .

On high heat, use a Grill-Pan or BBQ.
Flip the STEAK-BAR once it's golden brown. For optimal flavor, sear each of the steak's four sides.


Take the STEAK-BAR off the grill and allow it to rest for up to 5 minutes; this helps to retain its juices.

Cut in bite - size slices and plate with your favourite sides.



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