Shinshu Artisan Premium SHIRO (white) Miso Soup Set (wrapped in premium gold packaging)
Shinshu Artisan Premium SHIRO (white) Miso Soup Set (wrapped in premium gold packaging)
Shinshu Artisan Premium SHIRO (white) Miso Soup Set (wrapped in premium gold packaging)
Shinshu Artisan Premium SHIRO (white) Miso Soup Set (wrapped in premium gold packaging)
Shinshu Artisan Premium SHIRO (white) Miso Soup Set (wrapped in premium gold packaging)

Shinshu Artisan Premium SHIRO (white) Miso Soup Set (wrapped in premium gold packaging)

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Shinshu Artisan Premium SHIRO (white) Miso Soup Set

Artisan Miso Compliments Any Kind of Cuisine

It's made by incorporating soybean koji, boasts a strong and elegant flavor profile.
The soybeans are meticulously prepared, with their skins removed to eliminate any unwanted bitterness.
The addition of soybean koji during the production process enhances the aroma and depth of the flavor.
Furthermore, this miso undergoes careful straining, resulting in a smooth and fine texture.
All of its ingredients are sourced domestically, and it undergoes natural fermentation, maturing through the seasons in the abundant natural surroundings of Shinshu.

It offers a refined yet robust presence that can be savored not only in miso soup but also as a marinade for meats and fish, effectively neutralizing any undesirable odors.

It can be employed in a wide variety of culinary styles, from Japanese to Western and Chinese dishes, as well as desserts.
Please relish the rich aroma and flavor of this miso.


What's in the Box? 

It contains everything you need to make miso soup, from high-quality bonito flakes to make delicious dashi to wakame seaweed and Otemari fu (wheat gluten) that adds color to your miso soup.
With all these ingredients included, you won't need anything else.
This versatile miso can be used not only for miso soup but also as a filling for onigiri (rice balls) and as a seasoning for vegetable stir-fries.

How to Cook Miso Soup

Miso : 1 teaspoon
Bonito Flakes : 1 tablespoon
Hot water : 150ml
Put miso and ingredients in the bowl.
Pour hot water and stir, that's all!

What is Otemari Fu(おてまり麩)?

"Fu" is made from gluten, a protein found in wheat flour.
It is created by kneading wheat flour with water and then washing away the starch, leaving behind only the gluten.
This gluten is the primary ingredient in fu.
It is a high-protein, low-calorie, and healthy material that has garnered attention.
And this particular Fu is crafted with patterns resembling Otemari (Japanese traditional balls), dyed in red and blue.
It not only enhances the appearance of miso soup but also serves as a colorful topping for salads and other dishes.

How to Prepare
Soak fu in water or warm water until it becomes soft, then squeeze out excess moisture before using.

Easy Dashi Recipe with Bonito Flakes

1. Fill a pot with 800ml of water and bring it to a boil.
2. Add the bonito flakes and let them sit for 1-2 minutes.
3. Place a bowl over a strainer and line the strainer with kitchen paper (or cloth).
Slowly strain the bonito flakes. Let it sit for 1 minute, and it's ready! 

How to Prepare Dried Wakame Seaweed?

You can add it directly to hot soup or miso soup and enjoy it within 1 minute.
When using it in your dishes, pour enough hot water to cover the wakame and strain it every 1 minute for use!

What makes them special?

The distinctive feature of their miso making is undoubtedly its traditional handcrafted rice koji, made using the age-old method of "Murobuta" or wooden box fermentation.
This process involves meticulously monitoring temperature and changes by hand.
They emphasize, "Starting with the creation of good koji is essential; otherwise, the resulting miso, soy sauce, and amazake won't turn out well."

They use this traditional rice koji in combination with high-quality domestic rice, domestically sourced soybeans, and natural salt, allowing it to mature for over a year in their cellar using natural fermentation techniques.
The resulting miso has a remarkable flavor and has won numerous awards at miso tasting competitions in Nagano Prefecture and throughout Japan.

Crafting Miso with a Variety of Small Batches

They specialize in producing and selling a diverse range of miso varieties, with particular attention to their standout product, "Shinshu Sommelier Miso," available in small quantities typically sold in sets.
This concept was born from the idea that, much like the concept of "marriage" in the world of wine, there could be complementary pairings of miso that enhance each other depending on personal preferences and the dishes they accompany.
Their handcrafted koji can accommodate small batches, allowing them to strike a harmonious balance between traditional techniques and modern needs in the production and sale of fermented foods.
This flexibility is one of the captivating aspects of Kojiya Moto-Fuji Brewery.


Story of Kojiya Moto-Fuji Brewery

Founded in 1869 as 'Moto-Fuji Kojiya' in Suzaka, Shinshu (Nagano prefecture), they have carried forward their wisdom and expertise through changing times.
Their commitment is to safeguard the knowledge and techniques that have been passed down.
Rather than automating their factory to increase production, they believe in creating their products with their own hands within their reach, taking personal responsibility for each step of the process.

They meticulously select domestically sourced ingredients, ensuring they are free from genetic modification and other alterations.
Their true mission as Kojiya is to craft 'Natural Fermented Shinshu Miso,' aged for over a year in the embrace of nature.
Amidst the abundant natural surroundings of Shinshu, they uphold the tradition of handcrafting to preserve the authentic flavors.
From sourcing ingredients to manufacturing and selling, they pour our heart and soul into every aspect within our reach.

Nagano Prefecture Collaboration

The prefecture boasts the fourth largest land in Japan, and its vast forests nurture clean water and air.

Taking advantage of its bleeding topography, agriculture thrives in the prefecture, with fruit cultivation in particular being highly marketable and producing a large amount and ranking first in the prefecture in terms of output.

- Prefecture with the full of attraction -

What attractive about Nagano prefecture is the variety of ways you can enjoy your trip, from visiting famous historical sites such as Zenkoji Temple and Matsumoto Castle, to relaxing in a hot spring with a great atmosphere, to enjoying the great outdoors, including the Northern Alps.

- Transportation from Tokyo to Nagano prefecture -
The fastest way to get from Tokyo to Nagano is by Shinkansen. It takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station.
The cheapest way to get to Nagano from Tokyo is by highway bus.

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