WAGYU-X | Ponzu Crafted by Shabu Shabu Maestro
WAGYU-X | Ponzu Crafted by Shabu Shabu Maestro

WAGYU-X | Ponzu Crafted by Shabu Shabu Maestro

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Ponzu Crafted by Shabu Shabu Maestro

Maestro Chef Chiba's Signature Ponzu

Meet Maestro Chef Chiba

The founder of renowned ramen eatery Chibakiya, as well as the former chairman of the Nippon Ramen association, Chef Chiba is also known for his highly-popular eatery Makanai Kiichi in Ginza.

Reservations here are supposedly impossible to get! 

Makanai Kiichi

The Product

A tangy Japanese citrus sauce, featuring a harmonious blend of soy sauce, citrus juice, and other savory ingredients. 

The JX Difference

Maestro Chef Chiba’s shabu shabu expertise ensures unparalleled quality.

Utilizes soy sauce from Chiba Shoyu, esteemed for its 170-year legacy of artisanal craftsmanship.
Infused with Daidai (bitter orange) juice for a refreshing zest and sophisticated bitter notes.
Enhanced with kombu broth for a rich umami depth.

How to Enjoy Ponzu

Ponzu's delightful acidity complements meat and seafood dishes perfectly.

Enjoy as a steak sauce or as a dipping sauce for raw oysters.

More Details
Product Name X | Shabu Shabu Maestro’s Crafted Ponzu
Country of Origin Chiba, Japan
Weight 200g
Ingredients Soy sauce (contains soybeans and wheat, manufactured in Japan), Orange juice, Mirin, Kelp extract, Salt / Seasonings (amino acids, etc.)
Expiry See the package
How to store Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
Cautions for handling
Glass Bottle

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