Koyudo Powder Brush (Genuine Goat's Hair)
Koyudo Powder Brush (Genuine Goat's Hair)
Koyudo Powder Brush (Genuine Goat's Hair)
Koyudo Powder Brush (Genuine Goat's Hair)
Koyudo Powder Brush (Genuine Goat's Hair)
Koyudo Powder Brush (Genuine Goat's Hair)

Koyudo Powder Brush (Genuine Goat's Hair)

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  • White Flat Brush
  • White Round Brush
  • Black Flat Brush
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Traditional, Handmade Pure Goat Hair Soft Powder Brush

By traditional artisans in Koyudo, Kumano Town,
with techniques passed since 100 years ago.

Highly Acclaimed Worldwide

Koyudo workshops' brushes are highly acclaimed worldwide for the good skin feel, ease of use, and the finest makeup finish, even for sensitive skin.

A limited edition series

This series at J Passport is a limited edition with the authentic Japanese logo on its sleek, black handle.

Features of Koyudo Powder Brush

Soft, genuine fine bristlesholds a good amount of powder
and can apply fluffily and evenly.

It's made of exclusively designed ultra fine natural goat hair tips that create a smooth application as if a professional finish. 

2 types to choose from!

1. Flat paddle

This shape is best for sheer washes of powder all over the face evenly. 

2. Round paddle 

This shape is best used to apply light powder to a large area of your face.
It allows effortless application of pressed, loose powder or even bronzers.

How to use

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Brush making traditions since Edo period

Kumano town is amongst the four prestige brush making regions in Japan.

Withstanding the test of time as calligraphy brushes culture evolved in Japan over centuries as it became its own.

In 1975, the brushes from Kumano were designated as a "Traditional craft" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and is largest producer of brushes in Japan.

Made from the Highest Quality Goat Hair

Brushes are made from the highest quality of genuine animal hair.

 Koyudo sticks to the method to use uncut fur/hair for the bristles by hand, in order to achieve the best texture.

Utilizing specialized knowledge and advanced techniques, Koyudo continues the innovation of the products.

Traditional meets Technology

Each brush is handmade by "brush artisans" with excellent skills and experience. Each brush artisans have more than 12 years of experience.

Utilizing technology to create products that are functional, durable, and safe but performing most manufacturing processes by hand.


    About Koyudo

    "To create brushes that pass on the tradition and reputation of Kumano Brushes. To continue creating brushes that are trusted and "loved" by our customers"

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