Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei - (500ml)
Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei - (500ml)
Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei - (500ml)
Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei - (500ml)
Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei - (500ml)

Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei - (500ml)

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An official collaboration with Kanagawa Prefecture government

Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei

Award winning, trending - “The Japanese Craft GIN”.

A traditional 200 year sake brewery challenging the world gin’s trend with unique Japanese botanicals - Sakura Cherry Blossoms, Pepper, Cypress, Tea - from Kanagawa Prefecture.

Dedication to local ingredients

From a traditional sake brewery in Kanagawa Prefecture with 200 years of history.

Crafted largely with various botanicals from Kanagawa Prefecture, they have created a unique taste representing Kanagawa Prefecture and Japan.

  • Kabosu (as a Citrus) かぼす (シトラス)
  • Japanese pepper (as a Spice) 山椒 (スパイス)
  • Cherry blossom (as Floral) 桜花 (フローラル)
  • Green tea leaves (as a Tea) 茶葉(ティー)
  • Chameleon plant (as a Herbal) どくだみ(ハーバル)
  • Orange “Shounan Gold” (as a Fruity) 湘南ゴールド(フルーティー)
  • Japanese cedar (as a Wood) 杉(ウッド)
  • Japanese cypress (as a Wood) 檜(ウッド)
  • Lemongrass (as Citrus & Herbal) レモングラス(シトラス&ハーバル)
Not only can you enjoy the citrus aroma, but also the woody aroma from Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress. Lastly, you can feel the lingering spicy aroma from Japanese pepper.
The base alcohol is the shochu from their own brewery, brewed using rice shochu and shochu made from sake lees. The gin has the umami of rice.

Traditional sake brewing meets world trend

Gin is one of the four major spirits in the world. And craft gin is a world trend which distills in small batches from locally sourced ingredients. Each craft gin is unique to their own region!

To challenge this world trend, a brewery in Kanagawa Prefecture dedicated their 200 years of experience and technique in sake brewing, distillation and blending to create “The Japanese Craft GIN”.

Awarded high-quality

Their effort results in successively being awarded at a competition. 

Craft gin Koganei is awarded Silver in 2020 and Bronze in 2021 at Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 

A collaboration with Kanagawa Prefecture government

Kanagawa is a coastal prefecture just south of Tokyo. Famous for its hot springs, traditional resorts and ancient cities. You can experience the historical atmosphere of 12th - 16th century Japan.

It is a popular destination for many domestic travelers for family events, and trips.

Go on a virtual journey to discover specialty goods from Kanagawa Prefecture.

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