100% Grated Wasabi with Crunchy Wasabi Stem
100% Grated Wasabi with Crunchy Wasabi Stem
100% Grated Wasabi with Crunchy Wasabi Stem
100% Grated Wasabi with Crunchy Wasabi Stem

100% Grated Wasabi with Crunchy Wasabi Stem

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A versatile wasabi you want to keep in the kitchen!

It is the ideal condiment when preparing especially authentic Japanese cuisine.
As it's made from 100% wasabi, unlike the wasabi paste, it enhance cuisine. 

They’ve taken their delicious standard wasabi and blended it with crisp wasabi stalks, adding a layer of freshness and texture to your dining experience.

Prefect with sashimi, sushi, steak, yakiniku, and many other fine dishes.

3 Commitments to 100% Grated Wasabi

1. Particular about the effectiveness of Wasabi.

The Wasabi professionals have created "Grated Wasabi" with a smooth texture and "Wasabi stalks" with a chewy texture.

You can enjoy the unprecedented taste and texture of wasabi in a variety of dishes.

2. Color is purely from the natural color of Wasabi

By finely grinding low-temperature dried wasabi leaves, they are able to reproduce the aroma and natural color of wasabi (*no coloring is used).

3. 100% Real Wasabi


They're committed to use only Japanese native wasabi, western Wasabi is not used in this product.

Wasabi, with its unique strong pungent taste and aroma, grows in a cool climate and clean water.

What is Japanese native wasabi, "Hon Wasabi"?

It is a type of wasabi native to Japan and its scientific name is Wasabia Japonica Matsum.

It is called "Hon Wasabi" to distinguish it from Western Wasabi, which is native to Europe. It is a perennial herb with small white cross-shaped flowers from late February to April and heart-shaped leaves with slightly pointed tips.

The root is mainly used as a spice, but the flowers, young leaves, and leaf stalks can also be used to make wasabi pickles, making it a plant that is not to be discarded.

How to enjoy

It can be served with sashimi and roast beef, or arranged like carpaccio!

Also, it goes very well with Cheese with olive oil!

 Potherb mustard and tuna salad

Mix 100% Grated Wasabi with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, then mix with potherb mustard and tuna cut into bite-size pieces.

Wasabi Ochazuke

Rice with your favorite pickles, salted kelp, nori, and warmed dashi broth, topped with 00% Grated Wasabi. Ready to serve!

Story of Yamamoto Foods

In 1975, the current president introduced the industry's first "Behind-the-scenes sales method," allowing customers to purchase souvenirs while observing the production process of Wasabi pickles.

This was done so that customers from all over Japan who visit Izu, Shizuoka prefecture for sightseeing would be able to purchase the products after being assured and convinced of the quality.

Since around the Heisei era, they have changed their approach from "A passive business waiting for customers" to "A business that encourages customers to try wasabi by proposing new ways to eat it as a professional wasabi producer".
They have expanded their lineup of wasabi-related products beyond pickled wasabi, and have begun to market them nationwide under the name "Wasabi Made by a Wasabi Professional".
Today, they find it interesting and challenging to propose new ways to eat wasabi while preserving our more than 100 years of history and tradition.

Shizuoka Prefecture Collaboration

Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest mountain (3,776m), and Suruga Bay, Japan's deepest bay (2,500m), are both located in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Furthermore, with a mild climate, long hours of sunlight, and little temperature variation throughout the year, our prefecture is an ideal setting rich in nature, with a diverse range of specialty products available throughout the year.

Shizuoka prefecture in central Japan is known for its diverse natural environment, which includes oceans, mountains, rivers, and lakes, as well as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and manufacturing industries.

- Easily accessible from Tokyo to Shizuoka prefecture –
Approximately 1 hour by shinkansen (bullet train)
Approximately 3.5 hours by highway bus.

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