Award-winning Frozen Shime Saba (Cured Japanese Mackerel)
Award-winning Frozen Shime Saba (Cured Japanese Mackerel)
Award-winning Frozen Shime Saba (Cured Japanese Mackerel)

Award-winning Frozen Shime Saba (Cured Japanese Mackerel)

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 Rich and delicate traditional flavor of Japan - authentic technique inherited by ancestors.

Moderate fat content, mild saltiness, and high levels of DHA/EPA.

(*Rice is not included in this product)

Perfect as topping for sushi, or just as it is!

An award-winning shime saba from Yaizu, Shizuka prefecture. Earning the prestigious "Fisheries Agency Director-General's Award" for its quality and taste.

What is Shime Saba?

It is usually eaten as sashimi, as sushi material, or as an appetizer.

It is a type of mackerel fish, cured to remove the salt contents and preserved in vinegar for several days. Originally eaten as a preserved food in the past.

From a mackerel specialty store since 1838, in Japan

With their long history, processed by skilled craftsmen with sincerity and their own integrated process.  Skilled craftsman purchase raw fish at local fishing ports, Ogawa Port, Shizuoka prefecture from early in the morning.

Award-winning Shime Saba

This shime saba, is produced by an integrated process that includes purchasing fresh fish from the local Ogawa Port, the bounty of Japan's deepest Suruga Bay, freezing, manufacturing, storage, and sales.

With this dedication from the craftsman, it has earned the prestigious "Fisheries Agency Director-General's Award" for its exceptional quality and taste.

How to enjoy

No additional cooking is needed. It’s ready to eat once defrost.
Simply defrost and serve. Best topped with rice or as sashimi!

It is also delicious eaten with wasabi and soy sauce, or with green onions, myoga, shiso leaves, and ginger.


Story of Iwasei

It's founded in Yaizu, Shizuoka prefecture in 1838, and over the past 190 years, they have crossed the waves of time and pioneered the era of "tradition and innovation".
They have always been committed to the same thing amidst the changes of the times - "delicious, safe, and secure" is the starting point of food.
They are striving to create better products as a matter of course.

Shizuoka Prefecture Collaboration

Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest mountain (3,776m), and Suruga Bay, Japan's deepest bay (2,500m), are both located in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Furthermore, with a mild climate, long hours of sunlight, and little temperature variation throughout the year, our prefecture is an ideal setting rich in nature, with a diverse range of specialty products available throughout the year.

Shizuoka prefecture in central Japan is known for its diverse natural environment, which includes oceans, mountains, rivers, and lakes, as well as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and manufacturing industries.

- Easily accessible from Tokyo to Shizuoka prefecture –
Approximately 1 hour by shinkansen (bullet train)
Approximately 3.5 hours by highway bus.

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