WAGYU-X | Brewery’s Yakiniku Sauce - Onion-Infused Soy Sauce Blend (Oil-free)
WAGYU-X | Brewery’s Yakiniku Sauce - Onion-Infused Soy Sauce Blend (Oil-free)

WAGYU-X | Brewery’s Yakiniku Sauce - Onion-Infused Soy Sauce Blend (Oil-free)

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Brewery’s Yakiniku Sauce
- Onion-Infused Soy Sauce Blend (Oil-free)

Viscous Sauce Created by Sautéing Onions in Raw Soy Sauce

A thick BBQ Sauce crafted from barrel-aged raw soy sauce, enhanced with the natural sweetness of non-oil sautéed onions.
It's a refreshing and healthy Japanese-style yakiniku sauce unique to the brewery.

Finished with Fragrant Kishu Grape Pepper

This yakiniku sauce features a subtle hint of grape pepper in the aftertaste, complementing the soy sauce and sweetness.
Non-oil and generously infused with condiments.

Crafted with "Raw Soy Sauce" from a 334-year-old brewery

This yakiniku sauce, crafted by Sibanuma Brewery, a soy sauce brewery with a 334-year history in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki prefecture, is made to showcase the flavor of their soy sauce.

Known as one of the three major soy sauce breweries in the Kanto region, this sauce, based on "raw soy sauce," has gained fans across Japan.

Irresistible Sauce that Wows Your Taste Buds!

It quickly sold out online, creating a waiting list due to its exceptional taste!

Featured on the popular TV show "Early Morning Gourmet," which introduces delicious items from all over the country, this BBQ sauce received tremendous acclaim among over 400 varieties.

Goes Well with Any Types of Ingredients

Perfect for barbecue, steak, hamburgers, grilled seafood, tofu steak, stir-fried vegetables, fried rice, chilled tofu, cold shabu-shabu, and more
– it complements any dish!

Story of Shibanuma Brewery

Shibanuma Soy Sauce Brewery has been engaging in soy sauce brewing at its founding location for over 330 years since its establishment in the Genroku era (1688).
During the Edo to Meiji periods, Tsuchiura, alongside Noda and Choshi, was recognized as one of the three major soy sauce brewing regions in Kanto.
Lord Tsuchiya Masanao, the feudal lord of Tsuchiura domain, recognized the high-quality soybeans and wheat harvested within the domain.
They encouraged and promoted soy sauce production as a prominent local product, endorsing its sale.

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