White Bloom - Brightening Supplement from Niigata and Yamagata
White Bloom - Brightening Supplement from Niigata and Yamagata

White Bloom - Brightening Supplement from Niigata and Yamagata

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White Bloom - Brightening supplement with Purple Chrysanthemum

Reducing spots using purple chrysanthemum, purely Japanese produced.

A traditional food of Niigata and Yamagata Prefecture, known for their heavy snowfall, locals with beautiful skin.

Traditional food from prefecture
known for beautiful skin

A traditional food in Niigata and Yamagata Prefecture.

Locals from Niigata and Yamagata Prefecture often consume purple chrysanthemum on a daily basis in order to minimize dark spots!

What causes spots?

Spots are caused by skin damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays, and the melanin produced to protect the skin, and causes dark spots.

Properties of Purple Chrysanthemum

The active ingredient from White Bloom, brightens skin naturally.

By a Hokkaido Biotech Firm

This is a supplement created by Hokkaido Biotech Firm, which normally does not sell products, by a group of specialist in drug research and production in Hokkaido.

White Bloom’s main ingredient purple chrysanthemum, has antioxidant effects.

Case study:

Skin Beautifying Effects of Purple Chrysanthemum in Human Clinical Trial

In participants taking 51mg of purple chrysanthemum powder daily for 8 weeks, group results shows overall reduce of hidden and brown spots*:

  • 6% decrease in hidden spots
  • 4% decrease in brown spots
* Results may vary among individuals.
*Cited in part Hideo Hara, Taku Sato: Skin-Beautifying Effect of P urple C hrysanthemum (Enmeiraku ® ) by Anti Glycation Action. Food Style 21 Vol.16, No5 63-68, (2012)


  1. How much should I take per day
    Take 2 tablets per day.

  2. How often should I take it? 
    We recommend taking it daily.

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