16 Grains Amazake
16 Grains Amazake

16 Grains Amazake

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16 Grains Amazake

100% made from Japanese rice and multigrains with no preservation.
With no alcohol content, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages!

Amazake, a Japanese traditional fermented drink, also known as drinkable IV shot, is made into even a healthier drink by adding highly nutritious grains.

Not too sweet with a chewy grain texture!

Any Sugar or preservatives are added, but focused on Japanese ingredients to create natural deliciousness.

It is prepared using the traditional method of koji fermentation, and you can enjoy the natural sweetness and richness derived from Japanese rice, koji, and grains.

Japanese grains to enhance healthiness

Health Benefits

1. Improving intestinal environment

Grains contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can be expected to improve constipation and the intestinal environment. You can expect the improvement of acne breakouts & rough skin that is greatly affected by the intestinal environment.

2. Regulate nutritional imbalances

Grains, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, are high in nutrients, so you can take in more nutrients without changing the amount of food you eat.

Drink 100 ml per day for your health daily routine!

It can be enjoyed both hot or iced, with a meal or when you are hungry!

About Tanesho

Connecting Local Producers and Consumers Founded in 1948, Tanesho believes that it’s their mission and responsibility to provide multigrain and rice from farmers who love and are enthusiastic about the wellbeing of their valued consumers.

Having a good relationship with the farmers is one of the important reasons why Tanesho is able to have a long running relationship with the local farmers community.
Examples would be Tanesho company members would head down and experience the hardship of rice planting as well as harvesting. All these help the Tanesho company to understand the value of providing delicious and good quality multigrain and rice to consumers.

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