ÜMACHA - Premium Cold Brew Tea (10 teabags)
ÜMACHA - Premium Cold Brew Tea (10 teabags)
ÜMACHA - Premium Cold Brew Tea (10 teabags)
ÜMACHA - Premium Cold Brew Tea (10 teabags)
ÜMACHA - Premium Cold Brew Tea (10 teabags)
ÜMACHA - Premium Cold Brew Tea (10 teabags)

ÜMACHA - Premium Cold Brew Tea (10 teabags)

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  • No.1 Osmanthus Oolong Tea
  • No.2 White Peach Oolong Tea
  • No.6 Golden Rich Oolong Tea
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Premium Cold Brew Tea, Extracting Rich Flavor and Aroma
through 8 Hours of Steeping

"No longer can you return to ordinary tea."
"From casually sipped tea to the tea you truly desire."

ÜMACHA represents cold-brew tea leaves carefully chosen from Taiwan.

Steeping for over 8 hours coaxes out flavors and aromas, allowing you to taste the true essence of tea with each sip.

From the moment the tea touches your lips, it is 'umai!'
* Umai signifies deliciousness in Japanese

This 'umai!' is found in a tea that's effortlessly brewable yet exudes a professional-grade flavor.

It instantly brings you the environment of a tearoom, transforming any moment, anywhere, into something truly special.

3 Flavors to Savor 

1. Osmanthus Oolong Tea/Kinmokusei Oolong Tea

It is oolong tea that you can enjoy the flavor of osmanthus that is also used in aromatherapy.

Sweet and gentle aroma and thick mouthfeel. A moderate refreshing sensation fills your throat. Please use it when you want to regain your peace of mind.

2. White Peach Oolong Tea

With a fresh white peach flavor, it is an oolong tea that is easy to drink with little bitterness.

An enchanting sweet aroma that spreads the moment you taste it. A refreshing taste that chases after it. It’s perfect when you want to immerse yourself in a luxurious mood.

3. Golden Rich Oolong Tea

With a gold sparkle, it is oolong tea that brightly colors the scene.

The outstanding aroma and umami are exquisitely balanced with the unique astringency. It’s a refreshing throat and doesn’t go back.

If you want to enrich your mood for your next appointment, take this drink.

How to enjoy?

What Makes it Special?

Point 1

The carefully cultivated and selected tea undergoes a transformation in its "umami" through the passage of time.

Point 2

Extraction of aroma and flavor through low-temperature aging.

Full aroma and flavours are fully enhanced through cold seeping. Place it in the refrigerator for over 8 hours to extract the most flavor.

Point 3

You can even create an "Ümacha cocktail" by mixing Ümacha with alcohol, adding another layer of enjoyment.


Chosen for its deliciousness in
over 50+ establishments 

Kaisendon Tsujihan Nihonbashi

Tsujihan, located in Nihonbashi, is a popular restaurant known for its long queues. "When we tasted Umacha, we immediately sensed a distinctive aroma compared to other teas. This uniqueness aligned perfectly with our restaurant's concept, leading us to decide to offer it. Upon actually trying it, the fragrance is truly remarkable, and its deliciousness makes you want to become a repeat customer after just one sip".


A highly popular establishment where securing a reservation since its opening has proven to be challenging.
”We have been featuring Umacha on our menu since the very beginning. Particularly, our number one bestseller, the Osmanthus Oolong, has astounded with its aroma and deliciousness from the very first sip. A vast majority of our customers who order it find their bottles empty in no time due to its exceptional taste".

Ginza Izariya

They source our carefully selected ingredients directly from Kochi Prefecture and offer authentic bonito straw-grilled dishes in Ginza.
"Many customers who savor our fragrant Oolong tea often inquire where they can purchase it. Since introducing Umacha, we've started receiving compliments on our drinks even from those who don't drink alcohol. It pairs exceptionally well with Japanese cuisine, and we hope you'll have the opportunity to try it firsthand".

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