Strawberry Mix for Milk (with pulp)
Strawberry Mix for Milk (with pulp)
Strawberry Mix for Milk (with pulp)

Strawberry Mix for Milk (with pulp)

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"An Eatable Strawberry Drink"

You can savour the abundant texture and authentic essence of strawberry pulp to the fullest.

Contains 60% strawberry fruit!

This Strawberry Mix contains a generous 60% of "Akihime" strawberry known for its slightly soft texture, smooth mouthfeel, abundant juice, low acidity, and pronounced sweetness.

It also makes an excellent topping to ice cream or shaved ice.

"Akihime" Strawberries from Ichikawa Farm

They cultivate high-sweet "Akihime" strawberries using the small-quantity soil cultivation method adopted in Shiga Prefecture. Using this method, benches are installed at a height of approximately 80 cm from the ground.

The strawberry season lasts from December to June. It slowly ripens to a rich red colour without the use of heating, and they receive high praise for their colour, lustre, and sweetness.

To ensure that customers say "yum" the moment they take a bite, farmers focus on every aspect of cultivation, starting from seedling production to daily adjustments based on the temperature and humidity, striving for high-quality strawberry and sweet strawberries without missing the right timing.

Their Japan's self-operated retail store is consistently supported by customers and often sells out by the morning due to its popularity!

Developed to combat Japan's Milk Waste

So this definitely goes well with milk!

It is said that 4,700 tons of milk are discarded every year, and in recent years, milk disposal has become a serious issue in Japan. The pandemic has further exacerbated the concern of large-scale milk wastage due to disruptions in supply and demand balance.

This Strawberry Mix was developed with the strong desire to contribute to the improvement of the milk disposal problem.

How to enjoy

Simply mix 2 to 3 times the amount of milk, and you'll have a delicious strawberry milk ready in no time.

It tastes great with soy milk or almond milk too.
Adjust the ratio to your preference and indulge in its delightful taste!

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