Premium Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha
Premium Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha
Premium Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha
Premium Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha

Premium Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha

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Authentic Japanese traditional tea from Shizuoka.

An official recommended by Shizuoka Prefecture government.

Shizuoka Prefecture well known for their history and quality tea plantation in Japan.

Enjoy a premium Matcha and Genmaicha mix, from the blessed environment of traditional tea plantation for 3 generations.

Premium Matcha with High Quality Genmaicha

The Genmaicha is roasted with Japanese-produced quality Hana-Mochi brown rice, mixed with Premium Matcha and high-grade deep steamed green tea from Shizuoka's traditional tea plantation.

The base is from high-grade deep-steamed green tea, which has a bold and rich flavor.

It has a fresh fragrance of genmaicha and beautiful green from premium matcha.

Rich in catechins and theanine

Theanine is a flavor component found in green tea, and known to be more abundant in higher-grade teas.

Health benefits from catechins

  • Strong antioxidant effect
  • Vitamins A and E, that are insoluble in water
  • Prevents lifestyle-related diseases, diabetes and obesity
  • Protects the body from bacteria and viruses

We hope you will incorporate it into your daily health routine!

Traditional Tea-making Skills

1. Tea making starts with soil preparation

They use deep sea water from Suruga Bay of Shizuoka prefecture, rice bran, eggshells, charcoal, and roasted sesame pits to make organic fertilizers. These fertilizers make the soil rich in nutrients by stimulating soil bacteria and promoting organic matter decomposition.

This soil is essential for producing delicious tea!

2. Skills of artisans

How the tea is finished where artisan's skill really matters.

Experienced human hands and the senses detect and set machine values to achieve the highest quality of tea. They deliver teas with characteristics made by artisans that cannot be achieved by large automated machines.

3. Won numbers of awards worldwide

Depending on the cultivar, and harvest, the tea leaves are completely different. One way to evaluate tea is through product fairs.

Their tea factory have received World Green Tea Contest Gold Award and the highly prestigious Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award twice in recent years.

4. "Tea Professionals" on members

Their members include 9 Japanese tea instructors2 Chinese tea artisans, 1 qualified hand-rolled tea specialist, 1 tea connoisseur, and other members with various tea certifications.


We offer 2 types of Matcha Genmaicha 

Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha

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Premium Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha

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 How to make a delicious cup of tea

Genmaicha has a low bitter taste, so the key is to make it at a high temperature water to make it aromatic.

About Wacha Club

The Oigawa River basin, which flows into Suruga Bay in the center of Shizuoka Prefecture, is the largest tea production area in the tea kingdom of Shizuoka.
This is where the Wacha Club tea factory is located. The Wacha Club tea factory is located in the center of the tea industry.

In this blessed environment, they have been making tea with the utmost care for 3 generations. They are committed to making the best use of traditional skills and "making their customers happy with our delicious tea".

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