[SMV -2] Junmai Ginjo Sake - Yokikana
[SMV -2] Junmai Ginjo Sake - Yokikana

[SMV -2] Junmai Ginjo Sake - Yokikana

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Junmai Ginjo Sake - Yokikana

Taste of authentic, traditional sake.

If you are new to sake, this must be the first sake you need to try.
Sake lovers, you will definitely appreciate its traditional taste and aroma!

Award-winning brewery, consecutive Tohoku Sake Gold prize for 17 years

From Fukushima since 1918, Nagurayama Brewery focuses on rice, water, and production methods. The passion for sake brewing has been recognized and they won Gold for 17 consecutive years at the Tohoku Sake Competition and the top prize at the 91st Nanbu Toji Homebrew Sake Competition.

This is the reason why we want to present this sake to you. With the brewery's reputation, we highly recommend this Junmai Ginjo for the authentic sake taste.

Despite being Junmai Ginjo, this sake is quality controlled for the best aroma and flavour. It has a lightness and softness with a touch of sourness that makes people never get tired of drinking it.

J Passport’s first sake from Fukushima prefecture

With the third largest area in Japan, Fukushima prefecture is blessed with nature and have the best environment for sake brewing.

In order to turn the carefully selected rice into delicious sake, each brewing process is creative, ingenious, and devoted to the pursuit of the ideal sake through skills and experience from sake masters.

The meaning of its name “Yokikana”

The word "Yokikana" (善き哉) is derived from the Buddhist word "zenzai". It is a word used to praise good deeds and good deeds that benefit others with deep emotion.

It was named after the idea of always having this sake by people's side with a smile, whether they are at a happy occasion, a discussion with friends, a celebration, or a pep talk.

Nagurayama Brewery

Nagurayama brewery was founded in 1918 by Zenroku Matsumoto, the first generation of the company, who worked as what is now called a "sake appraiser".

Since then, the brewery has been dedicated to the quality of its sake and has been working on innovative sake brewing in the vein of Nanbu Toji.

In 1973, when sweet sake was still in full swing nationwide and even the breweries in the Aizu region, Fukushima prefecture were not submitting their products to appraisal competitions, the brewery decided that they wanted to make ginjo sake, a pure rice sake that would be drunk by ordinary consumers, and started making ginjo and junmai sake.

One of the Japanese traditional philosophies advocated by Matsuo Basho is the phrase "never change". The essence of eternity lies in the ever-changing fashions in search of newness, and they at Nagurayama are constantly pursuing new flavors demanded by the times with flexible and rich ideas, based on the sincere traditional sake brewing that their predecessors have protected and passed down to next generations. 

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