Hokkaido Floral Probiotics
Hokkaido Floral Probiotics
Hokkaido Floral Probiotics

Hokkaido Floral Probiotics

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Hokkaido Floral Probiotics

Safe, secure, and purely Japanese produced.

From a patent strain discovered in lilac flowers by a biotech firm specializing in drug research and production in Hokkaido.

The colon is one of the most important organs

It’s becoming common knowledge that "the health of the colon determines the health of the entire body".

The colon is an indispensable organ for living organisms, to the extent that there's even some organisms that have only the colon without a brain. 

A healthy colon is acidic, not alkaline.
Probiotics works to acidify and activate the colon by producing more acid in the colon.

Acidification of the colon
・Beautifies the skin
・Prevents certain cancers
・Prevents depression
・Minimizes lifestyle-related diseases
・Minimizes Obesity


Probiotics are nutrients that regulate the environment in the colon; the largest organ in the body responsible for immune function.

After being ingested from the mouth, probiotics pass through the stomach (a strong stomach acid) and play a role by producing acid in the colon.

Probiotics need to reach the colon alive, to produce acid.

However, many probiotics are sensitive to dryness, heat, and acid, and some may die before reaching the colon.

By a Biotech Firm, not by a Brand

This is a supplement created by Hokkaido Biotech Firm, which normally does not sell products, by a group of specialist in drug research and production in Hokkaido.

How did they succeed in delivering “Live Probiotics” to the colon?

In order to deliver “Live Probiotics” to the colon, there are only 5 types of spore-forming probiotics in the world.

One of them has been discovered in lilac flowers in Hokkaido by researchers which is named LAB lilac-01”.

Cutting-edge live probiotics - LAB lilac-01

Discovered and developed by a venture research farm in Hokkaido, this is a cutting-edge live probiotics supplement that has reached the end of its research and development phase.

It is a safe, secure, and purely Japanese product that has not yet been commercialized.

Encapsulating LAB lilac-01 in “Soy Pulp Capsules"

By encapsulating LAB lilac-01 in a soy pulp capsule,
live probiotics are successfully delivered to the colon with a higher survival rate.

Soy pulp capsule is intentionally made with thin capsules and thick layers, it
Increases the possibility of germination in the colon
serves as food for probiotics
helps increase their survival rate after germination


  1. How much should I take per day
    One tablet contains 100 million units of LAB lilac-01. Since probiotics and food of bacteria are delivered together to the colon by their original technology, there is power to realize the effect with a small number of bacteria.
  2. How long should I keep taking it?
    Probiotics cannot be stayed in the body so it must be taken daily.
  3. Are there any side effects?
    No. In Japan, supplements are considered as food, and those with side effects are not considered food. There are individual differences depending on one's physical condition. Soybeans are used, those who are allergic to soybeans need to be careful, but basically there are no side effects.
  4. From what age can I take it?
    The age of 1 year-old. This is because the same intestinal flora as adults are formed after the age of 1. For dosage, open the capsule and reduce the amount of the contents.  (For an adult weighing 40 kg, half for a child weighing 20 kg, etc.)

Case Study

Improvement of Bowel Movement and Fecal Properties 

As verification for this case was conducted on a large scale of 300 people, the reliability of this case study is high.*Results are from people who took 100 million (100 million in 1 KITAGUNI FLORAL PROBIOTICS capsule) LAB lilac-01.297 healthy volunteers (20-80 years, male and female) who have subjective symptoms of constipation, were divided into two groups; placebo group and LAB lilac-01 group. The LAB lilac-01 group ingested 1 x 108/day of LAB lilac-01 for two weeks.The questionnaire of bowel movement and fecal properties before and after intake is numerically analyzed and compared. As a result of the study, bowel movement and fecal properties are significantly improves with the ingesting group subjects who have symptoms of functional constipation (the constipation which is caused by underactive colon, but the colon itself has no abnormality. )Change in Bowel Movement and Fecal Properties (Comparison of change before and after 2 week continuous ingestion)

By the significant result with this scale of study, LAB lilac-01 is a new strain of lactic acid bacteria which is expected to be highly beneficial to improve bowel movement and fecal properties.

Reference : Placebo control human trial study to evaluate intestinal function with such a number of subjects is uncommon. By the significant result with this scale of study, LAB lilac-01 is a new strain of lactic acid bacteria which is expected to be highly beneficial to improve bowel movement and fecal properties. 


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