Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur

Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur

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Japanese premium tea and coffee liqueur

Little Kiss series brings you premium unique craft made Japanese liqueur - shochu and sake based with tea and coffee flavours! Perfect for people who don't like strong liquor, yet want to enjoy an easy and comfortable drink!

Why “Little Kiss”?

Simply - Little (sho) Kiss (chu).
Little Kiss in Japanese sounds similar to “shochu”!

Due to shochu being often associated with mature, strong tasting, unappealing to the younger audience. The premium qualities of Japan produced shochu are often not fully appreciated.

This was why Higashi Sake Brewery - with over 100 year history in shochu brewing - came up with the Little Kiss series, focusing on flavoured liqueur with shochu base to appeal to a younger audience.

A Shochu series in collaboration with ingredients produced in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The Little Kiss series was created to make shochu more accessible to people, and to make use of the technical capabilities of Higashi Sake Brewery sake brewing.

A feature of the Little Kiss series is that it is easy to drink without the strong taste of alcohol, so that even those who are not good at drinking can comfortably enjoy it.
The aim of the Little Kiss series was to make alcohol more casual, delicious, easy for people to enjoy and give it an elegant finishing taste.

Little Kiss series is expanding its lineup of tea and coffee liqueur sequentially, in collaboration with ingredients produced in Kagoshima prefecture!

Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur

Rare and expensive Japanese coffee bean from Noah Coffee, Kagoshima, as one of the main ingredient for this Little Kiss Coffee Shochu! And carefully blended with rice shochu and akumochizake (black sake).

As you open up the bottle, the aroma of coffee will hit you straight away! Savour the unique flavour and gentleness of Japanese coffee from it!

Collaboration with Noah Coffee

Owner of Noah Coffee Co., Ltd, Ms. Satsuki Azuma started coffee production from scratch 10 years ago. With years of experience, she created a new type “Japanese coffee” with a blend of Colombian, Brazilian and domestic coffee.

Handling everything from production to roasting, Ms. Satsuki developed a method of using far infrared rays to preserve the loss of components in coffee after heat roasting. Such components are polyphenol, chlorogenic acid, and niacin, which serves positive health benefits. She is also collaborating with Kagoshima University to research more on the health benefits of these components!

How to enjoy Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur

Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur is recommend on the rocks or with milk.

Tips: If you still think the alcohol tastes strong, try adding milk to it! This will help to lighten the taste of alcohol.

But we recommend serving it as a dessert!

Affogato with Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur

1 scoop of Vanilla ice cream
2 tablespoons of Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur
3 tablespoons of water
A pinch of salt


  1. Put in Little Kiss Coffee Liqueur, water and salt in a pan then heat it over high heat.
  2. Stir with a spatula to avoid it being burned. As the alcohol evaporate and the concoction become thicker, turn off the heat.
  3. Finally, serve it over ice cream. Enjoy!!

Or serve it on the rocks with some cakes!

Explore more Little Kiss series!

Best Selling -
Little Kiss Tea Liqueur
Recommended on the rocks, drinking with soda or milk.

Using Benifuki tea leaves, cultivated without pesticides from Tokunoshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture and blended with rice shochu and Akumochizake (black sake).

This unique blend allows the sweetness and aroma of the black tea to be richer.

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About Higashi Shuzo brewery

Established in 1915, Higashi Shuzo is a shochu brewery with the motto to bring delicious and comforting shochu to people.
Their belief is “nature comes first in everything” hence, they work to combine natural resources and keep the traditions of shochu brewing as well as improving themselves with it.

Won awards in prefecture Kagoshima Awards :
Kagoshima Shochu Competition: the Honorary Award (Consecutive for 15 years)
Kagoshima Regional Specialities Award :the Governor's Grand Prize

Reviving Kagoshima's Traditional Local Sake, "Akumochizake"

Akumochizake is a traditional sake brewed with charcoal to enhance its shelf life.
In Kagoshima, it has long been called "jizake" (local sake) and is indispensable for the local dish "sake-zushi”. Commonly used as cooking sake or celebratory sake in the past, but after the war the brewing of Akumochizake ceased.

To not let Kagoshima’s Tradition die out, the founder, Mr Kinai Higashi researched and improved Akumochizake to continue the tradition. Hence, contributing greatly to the food culture of Kagoshima.

Did you know that in the Little Kiss liqueur, Akumochizake is one of the ingredients! So if you are interested in Kagoshima's Traditional Local Sake "Akumochizake" you can start from there!


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