[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan
[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan
[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan
[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan
[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan
[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan
[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan

[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan

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Daiginjo Rosan sake from the famous Iwamura brewery, in Gifu prefecture. Brewed from the same brewery as the Yuzu-shu.

Daiginjo Rosan uses Yamada nishiki rice, which is one of the famous rice for sake usage.

The water used is the top 50 quality water source in Gifu prefecture and this is the top quality Daiginjo sake from Iwamura brewery.

Milling the rice till it’s left with 35% of it, Iwamura brewery used it to brew Daiginjo Rosan to achieve a higher quality of Daiginjo as compared to other Daiginjo. 

This is also the highest quality Daiginjo from Iwamura brewery as they want to be the top brewery to brew the best Daiginjo sake throughout Japan and for it to stand out from the rest.

Another point to note is that Daiginjo Rosan has a higher alcohol level of 1% - 2% than the usual Daiginjo!

If you like our Kinu suiro, you will like this as well. It is fragrant and has a rich rice taste to it yet it’s clear and not too sweet. This is easy to drink and great with Japanese seafood cuisine.

Do you know most of our sake are hand picked by Ohta-san! As a self-proclaimed sake connoisseur he always hand-picked and carefully tasted and tried all the sake he introduced to you!

About Yamada-Nishiki Rice

It’s known as one of the best brewers’ rice in Japan.

Bigger size than the others rice, it's the ideal-sized for sake. As well as it is easier to mill, removing of the fat and protein and leaving the starch behind which is used for sake brewing.

About the brewery

1. Iwamura Brewery is established in 1787. In general, the name of the sake brewery often bears the surname of the founder, but Iwamura brewery is named after town (Iwamura, Gifu Prefecture) where the sake brewery is located!

2. Iwamura Brewery aims to make "local sake" in the true sense of the word by specializing in using local ingredients in their sake. That is why the rice used is cultivated locally, and the water is from a well used since 400 years!

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