YAMAZAKURA Japanese Whisky - Asaka Distillery & 4 -(700ml)
YAMAZAKURA Japanese Whisky - Asaka Distillery & 4 -(700ml)

YAMAZAKURA Japanese Whisky - Asaka Distillery & 4 -(700ml)

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YAMAZAKURA Japanese Whisky - Asaka Distillery & 4

Japanese Whiskey, The Perfect Complement to Any Meal, Praised for Its Exceptional Flavor

This is a World Blended Whisky crafted by blending Asaka Distillery's original spirits with whisky from four other locations around the world.
The composition predominantly features bourbon barrel influence, with a malt-to-grain ratio of approximately 6:4.
At the outset, it carries the profiles of grains and American whiskies, gradually revealing the character of the Asaka Distillery's original spirits, which make up at least 20-30% of the overall blend.

The flavor profile leans towards simplicity but expands gracefully, reminiscent of the balance found in premium Japanese sake.
Highly recommended for highball cocktails, it retains the essence of Asaka Distillery while offering a versatile and refreshing drinking experience.
It's non-chill filtered and natural color (no artificial coloring) finish.
It's the eagerly awaited whisky from the Asaka Distillery, which shone with the highest honor at the World Whisky Awards 2022 in the Blended Malt category.

Aroma and Taste

The initial palate carries a momentary roughness of young whiskies and a hint of quirkiness, but overall, it presents a plain and mellow flavor.
It boasts a sweet aroma reminiscent of maple syrup, a clean and gentle herbal fragrance that is pleasing to the senses, and a rich malt flavor that spreads smoothly in the mouth.

As you roll it on your tongue, you'll find a robust sweetness characteristic of Asaka, along with a slightly damp acidity, the elegance of bourbon barrel influence, subtle smokiness, and the distillery's identity.
The finish is gentle with woody notes, faint spices, and a clear finish typical of a blended whisky.


Recommended Way to Enjoy

When served on the rocks, you'll found that the sweetness becomes even more pronounced, and you can start to detect a hint of peatiness.
The added sweetness and improved drinkability compared to straight whisky made it more appealing.
The peatiness is subtle, and it was almost imperceptible when consumed straight, which is another point to be recommend.
When mixed into a highball, it exhibits a slightly refreshing grape-like quality and a hint of spiciness, making it quite invigorating.
It's a versatile and refreshing highball, suitable for various occasions.
Its flavor profile also makes it a good choice as a pairing with food.


Story of Asaka Distillery

In the Fukushima Prefecture's Aizu Plain, you'll find the Sasanoka Brewery's Asaka Distillery, the sole whisky producer in the Tohoku region.
Its origins trace back to Yamazakura Shuzo, which obtained a whisky license in 1946 (Showa 21).
With a history spanning over 300 years as a sake brewery, it was founded in 1710 (Hoei 7) to the south of Lake Inawashiro.
In 1765 (Meiwa 2), it relocated to Koriyama, continuing to produce renowned sake despite the harsh winds of Mount Bandai-Obara.
However, during the post-war rice shortages and with the influence of Western culture, it embarked on the journey of whisky production.

More Details

Product Name YAMAZAKURA Japanese Whisky - Asaka Distillery & 4 -(700ml)
Country of Origin Japan
Volume 700ml
Alcohol % 47%
Ingredients Malt, Grain
How to store Store in a cool, dark place
Expiry Date Show on the package

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