Nagano Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta (150g)
Nagano Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta (150g)
Nagano Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta (150g)

Nagano Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta (150g)

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Nagano Brown Rice Gluten-Free Fusilli Pasta

Fusilli pasta made with brown rice proudly grown in the Nagano Prefecture, the vast  stunning climate moulds an environment that allow for it prosper fruitfully.
It's all about that irresistible chewiness in gluten-free pasta.

Cultivated by Farm Mebuki that is also part of the Nikkoku group company, the full production of the  product is in safe hands.
Everything from the raw materials used to the creation of the final item is overseen and managed within their own group.
The brown rice is milled in-house, where it becomes marvellously sticky.
Using this, they are able to recreate a texture that resembles authentic pasta closely. 
*Please note that this brown rice fusilli contains of 150g

The fusilli pasta is short and spiralled in shape, in which after it is boiled it has two textures. 
Soft on the outer edges and harder in the centre.
The more you chew, the more you will be able to taste the unique flavour of the rice as it spreads along your tastebuds.
Due to its  shape, it also allows for sauce to stick better in the spiralled crevices.
This makes it a versatile pasta that compliments all sorts of different flavoured pasta dishes.
As this pasta is gluten-free it is healthy and gentle on the body, a driving force behind the conceptualisation  of this food item.

A Flour Milling Legacy of Success

The story begins in 1945 as the company named ‘Nagano Shojo’ is founded in Nagano prefecture.
By 1948 the company had changed name to ‘Nagano Seikoku’ and started a wheat flour milling business.
Over the next few years production was in full force, which included expansions to a new soba flour milling factory in Matsumoto by 1964.
Once again, the company would go  through another name change to ‘Nikkoku’ which is used today.
By 2002, the company was  reaping all the rewards as they won a slew of accomplishments such as winning multiple Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Awards for their soba.
In 2011 they finally  established a brand-new pasta factory in Nagano, the launch of their venture into the world of pasta.
Today, they continue to flourish as their ever-growing award collection and company expansion grows.

Story of Nikkoku

They are dedicated to bringing the blessings of the earth to your joyful dining table, inspired by the rich nature, clear air, pure water, and refreshing breeze of this beautiful region in Nagano prefecture.
With the concept of 'From the Earth's Bounty to Smiling Tables,' they work tirelessly every day to create products that add happiness and smiles to your dining experience.
In their shop, you'll find a wide range of products, including soba flour, dried noodles, fresh soba, soba tea, buckwheat tea, galettes, soba rice, sweets, gluten-free items, and various specialties from Nagano Prefecture.

Nagano Prefecture Collaboration

The prefecture boasts the fourth largest land in Japan, and its vast forests nurture clean water and air.

Taking advantage of its bleeding topography, agriculture thrives in the prefecture, with fruit cultivation in particular being highly marketable and producing a large amount and ranking first in the prefecture in terms of output.

- Prefecture with the full of attraction -

What attractive about Nagano prefecture is the variety of ways you can enjoy your trip, from visiting famous historical sites such as Zenkoji Temple and Matsumoto Castle, to relaxing in a hot spring with a great atmosphere, to enjoying the great outdoors, including the Northern Alps.

- Transportation from Tokyo to Nagano prefecture -
The fastest way to get from Tokyo to Nagano is by Shinkansen. It takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station.
The cheapest way to get to Nagano from Tokyo is by highway bus.

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