[Pre-Order] Fruit tomatoes フルーツトマト / 1kg, 10-12pcs/ 10~12個 1箱
[Pre-Order] Fruit tomatoes フルーツトマト / 1kg, 10-12pcs/ 10~12個 1箱
[Pre-Order] Fruit tomatoes フルーツトマト / 1kg, 10-12pcs/ 10~12個 1箱
[Pre-Order] Fruit tomatoes フルーツトマト / 1kg, 10-12pcs/ 10~12個 1箱

[Pre-Order] Fruit tomatoes フルーツトマト / 1kg, 10-12pcs/ 10~12個 1箱


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Seasonal high quality Fruit Tomato

Direct from Ota Wholesale Market in Tokyo

By professional buyers picked the quality that is most worth for the price this season.

It is well-presented, with 10-12pcs per box.

Japanese Fruit Tomatoes have
twice the sweetness of normal tomatoes

First of all, in order to be called Fruit Tomato, the sugar content of tomato has to be of 8 degrees and more.

Comparing to regular tomato, with only 4 to 6 degree of sweetness.

You can consider fruit tomato to be two times sweeter than regular tomatoes, and in fact, its sweetness degree is comparable to other Japanese fruits!

Suitable for kids and people who are not fond of normal sourness in tomatoes. It offers a different taste when cooked with pasta, or as it is!

Fruits tomatoes are infused with umami,

possess a vibrant and intense flavour that is both refreshing and satisfying.

It has remarkable balance of sweetness and acidity. With every bite, you'll experience a burst of juiciness and a complex combination of sweet and tangy notes, creating a truly harmonious taste sensation.

We value on selecting superior fruits,
regardless of their origin or brand

- Partnering with professional buyers, 
Quality Fresh Fruit are procured on the day of auction, and shipped to you -

Our buyers at Ota Market, the largest fruit market in Japan, procure the best fruits available on that day through auctions with their mekiki skill (connoisseurship), prioritising quality over origin or brand.

Then twice a month, we transport these carefully selected and packed fruits via private cargo to Singapore.

While the origin and brand may vary each time, we ensure that the fruits we bring to Singapore are of fine quality fruit at the price available in Japan.

You can trust the eyes of the professionals, factoring all conditions to make sure quality, when you receive it, it worth the price.

Ota for fruits, Toyosu for seafood
Japan's two representative largest markets

Both Ota and Toyosu Market play crucial roles as Japan's major fruit and seafood markets, contributing significantly to the country's food supply.
Located in the heart of Tokyo, both markets enjoy excellent transportation access, making them popular choices for numerous retail businesses and restaurants to source their products.

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