Gemty (Jewelry Tea) - Pink Tourmaline
Gemty (Jewelry Tea) - Pink Tourmaline
Gemty (Jewelry Tea) - Pink Tourmaline

Gemty (Jewelry Tea) - Pink Tourmaline

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Gemty (Jewelry Tea) - Pink Tourmaline

Tea Symbolizing Hope, Peace, and Pure Love

Gemty, a series of teas crafted with the desire for radiant health and beauty, reminiscent of precious gemstones.
It's ideal for those seeking a heartfelt gift or wishing to experience truly inspiring teas.
Inspired by gem language, this series JPassport offers 4 distinct flavors for your enjoyment!

Pink Tourmaline Flavor

A delicate, soft pink-hued blend of rosehip, apple, rose pink, cherry flavors, and more. This tea embodies a pure, heartwarming love, reflecting the essence of hope and peace.

It is a tea made from carefully selected tea leaves and herbal ingredients.
With colorful hues reminiscent of gemstones, it offers a natural fragrance and an original flavor.

3 Other Flavors of Gemty


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Pink Pearl

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How to Pour the Delicious Tea?

1. Pour hot water into the teapot and cups to warm them up.

2. Discard the warming water, then place the appropriate number of tea bags into the teapot.
You can use a kitchen timer if needed.

3. Pour hot water into the teapot to match the number of cups and cover it. Let it steep for 1 to 2 minutes.

4. Gently shake the teapot a few times and carefully remove the tea bags.

Key: When brewing in a cup, cover it with a saucer or something similar to steep.
Note: Avoid squeezing the tea bags with a spoon or any tool, as it can result in bitterness or astringency in the tea.

Story of Teala Tea Leaf Shop

They're a specialty tea store, they've gathered meticulously selected tea leaves, Bringing forth the true essence of tea.
Once you taste it, you'll discern the delightful difference.
You can indulge in a variety of teas perfectly suited for every occasion.

Shizuoka Prefecture Collaboration

Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest mountain (3,776m), and Suruga Bay, Japan's deepest bay (2,500m), are both located in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Furthermore, with a mild climate, long hours of sunlight, and little temperature variation throughout the year, our prefecture is an ideal setting rich in nature, with a diverse range of specialty products available throughout the year.

Shizuoka prefecture in central Japan is known for its diverse natural environment, which includes oceans, mountains, rivers, and lakes, as well as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and manufacturing industries.

- Easily accessible from Tokyo to Shizuoka prefecture –
Approximately 1 hour by shinkansen (bullet train)
Approximately 3.5 hours by highway bus.

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