【Story】Sugahara Homeware

【Story】Sugahara Homeware

Hand crafted glassware from Sugahara.

since 1970s


The high-quality, creative lineup is popular with customers the world over

“Glass is alive.” “Conversing with glass.”
—— Whatever could these expressions mean?
But for the glass craftsmen of Sugahara, these are the nature to them.

Story of SGHR Sugahara

Every one of our products has been made by hand.
The Sugahara craftsmanship brings out the warmth.

To become something that brings colours and accompanies people in life.
This is where Sugahara's passion all comes from.

The sparkle, colour and design that only glassware can bring to people’s mind and to create a lovely and vivid scene.

As Sugahara approaches the upcoming 100th anniversary of their founding, they are determined to be the world's closest glassware manufacturer to the people, taking over and innovating the manufacturing of glassware tradition they have built up over the years.

Not only detailed in their design and quality of glassware, but also to deliver the "heart" of the products.

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