Indulge in Japan’s Appetite Season Fruits

Indulge in Japan’s Appetite Season Fruits

In Japan, Autumn is celebrated as 'Appetite Season,' as it boasts an abundance of delicious seasonal ingredients that bring immense joy to food lovers.
Please savor the seasonal delights of persimmons and grapes during this time.
Handpicked fruits, carefully chosen by experts, will be directly shipped from Japan's largest fruit market, Ota Market, to Singapore.

Autumn, the Season of Persimmons!

Persimmons, a fruit that has been cultivated in Japan for centuries, are gaining popularity worldwide under the name 'Kaki.'
Similar to tomatoes, persimmons are known for their high nutritional value, often described with the saying, 'When persimmons turn red, doctors turn blue,' emphasizing their nutritional richness.

What nutrients are found in persimmons?

● Vitamin C
Persimmons are rich in Vitamin C, with one fruit containing enough to meet your daily needs.
Vitamin C is essential for collagen production, contributing to healthy skin.
Additionally, it boosts immune function, making it effective in preventing infections like the common cold.

● β-Cryptoxanthin
The vibrant orange color of persimmons is attributed to pigments like β-carotene and β-cryptoxanthin.
These compounds, like Vitamin C, have strong antioxidant properties, aiding in the prevention of cancer and aging.

● Potassium
Persimmons have diuretic properties, helping alleviate swelling and cold sensitivity.

● Tannins
Tannins, responsible for the astringency in persimmons, not only break down alcohol but also help regulate blood pressure.
Combined with potassium's diuretic effect, tannins can be beneficial in preventing hangovers.

Grapes, the Season's Must-Try Fruit

Grapes, which have claimed the top spot in the popular 'Jalan' travel magazine's autumn flavor ranking, are the must-try fruit of the season.
In the fall, there's nothing quite like indulging in these delicious, in-season grapes.

Grapes are packed with various nutrients such as anthocyanins, resveratrol, polyphenols, glucose, and potassium. They offer a multitude of health benefits, including fatigue recovery, relief from eye strain, and potential effects on preventing conditions like atherosclerosis.

Pione Grape

Pione grapes are a crossbreed of "巨峰" (Kyoho) and "Cannon Hall Muscat," known for their exceptional qualities. The name "Pione" comes from the Italian word meaning "pioneer."
These grapes are larger, about 15-20 grams per berry, compared to Kyoho grapes.

Pione grapes offer a unique flavor profile with intense sweetness and a refreshing acidity, creating a crisp and delightful taste.
They are juicy with a high sugar content of 16 degrees or more, combining strong sweetness and balanced acidity.
Its lineage provides a refreshing aroma and easy-to-eat quality, making them distinct from Kyoho grapes despite their size.

Shine Muscat

It offers a unique Muscat aroma, low acidity, and abundant sweetness, making it enjoyable to eat with its skin.
To fully savor its sweetness, it's best to start from the bottom of the cluster and work your way up.
For freshness, wash the grapes just before eating.
It grows to an impressive 4-centimeter diameter, boasting a delightful aroma, a crisp bite, and a burst of sweet, slightly floral flavor with a soft, delicate texture.

It’s the season of Japanese Persimmons!

It’s the season of Japanese Persimmons!

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