[Restock] Negitoro and Award-winning Soy Sauce

[Restock] Negitoro and Award-winning Soy Sauce

Our ever popular seafood collection, Negitoro has restocked!

Indulge in the Negitoro sourced from our premium maguro supplier, paired with award-winning traditional soy sauce.

The rarity of top-graded maguro experience beyond Japan

Misaki Megumi Suisan, a reputable and well-established wholesaler, specializes in sourcing the freshest and highest-quality selection of maguro.

With a track record of supplying premium maguro products to hotels and restaurants not only within Japan but also internationally, they have earned a solid reputation for delivering only the finest maguro offerings.

Their unique and signature super freezing technique is employed to preserve the fresh flavor of maguro for an extended duration, ensuring that the product retains its exceptional quality even when it reaches your doorstep.

Discovering maguro of this top-grade quality, comparable to what you'd find in Japan, is a rare and exceptional opportunity.

The Versatility of Negitoro

Negitoro is a versatile culinary delight, lending itself to a myriad of delectable preparations.

It finds its way into popular styles such as gunkanmaki, makizushi, and as a flavorful topping for donburi. However, its appeal extends even further as it can be relished on its own as a delectable side dish.

This versatility empowers culinary enthusiasts to explore their creativity and experiment with various ways to savor negitoro, making it an ideal ingredient for those eager to venture into the realm of culinary innovation.

Elevate Your Experience with Our Award-Winning Traditional Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is an essential accompaniment for savoring Negitoro, and our Traditional Award-winning soy sauce offers a harmonious blend of "saltiness," "sweetness," and "umami" that you won't want to miss when enjoying it with Negitoro.

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