- Preserving Tradition and Passing it on to the Future -

In the 65 years since their establishment, they have been continuously making wagashi (traditional Japanese sweet) that are loved by everyone in this peaceful area facing the Seto Inland Sea.

They believe that delicious wagashi is a wonderful thing that makes people smile and enriches their hearts.

The ingredients are directly purchased from contracted farmers with a focus on local ingredients, and valuing the relationships they have with the people who support them.

Ichifuku Hyakka (一福百果 ) Series by Seikodo

It’s a Seikodo's brand of wagashi.

"Ichifuku Hyakka" series was born from the encounter between fruits from Ehime Prefecture and wagashi.

Blessed with a warm climate, Ehime's fruits are purchased directly from the producers, and the fresh fruits of the season are combined with wagashi to make and deliver to the customers.

Also, the wagashi from this series use only Hokkaido's bean paste and Japanese rice flour.

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Enjoy Mandarin Sweets from Seikado
+ Marugoto Mandarin Daifuku (3pcs / frozen)
+ Mandarin Roll Cake (Frozen)

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