【Story】Salon de Royal

【Story】Salon de Royal

History of Salon de Royal

Salon de Royal Kyoto was founded in 1935 with a long-running history of chocolatiers. Having started at an era where chocolate was a luxury, Salon de Royal Kyoto has built its name up since, producing chocolate of royal standards.

Salon de Royal Kyoto prides themselves of not just high quality chocolate and skills, but also the utmost freshness of their ingredients, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for top quality products for their customers.

Award Winning Chocolatier

In 2017, Salon de Royal received the "Award Tablette d'Or" from the "Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat" (CCC), and in 2018, the "Award de l'Excellence" for the best foreigner category.
In 2019, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Salon de Chocolat, the winners selected by the CCC were further narrowed down to 100 chocolatiers to receive the "Les Meilleurs des Thé "Les Meilleurs des Meilleurs" (the Best of the Best) award.
Salon de Royal was awarded with this prestigious prize, and its name was engraved in the list of the 100 best chocolatiers in the world.

Salon de Royal was Awarded for three consecutive years at Salon du Chocolat which is the world's largest chocolate competition in Paris.

About CCC

CCC is the most prestigious chocolate lovers' club in the chocolate world, which will soon celebrate its 40th anniversary. Based on the results of judging by members selected from the club every year, CCC announces awards at the Salon de Chocolat and publishes the annual guidebook "LE GUIDE", which is called the Michelin Guide of the chocolate world.

Other awards

Salon de Royal was also awarded several awards at Japan National Confectionery Exposition, the biggest sweets fair held once every 4 years in Japan!

How is Salon de Royal's Chocolate Special?

All products of Salon de Royal are using the top of chocolate, Couverture Chocolate.
This is the ingredient used by professional chocolatiers. Couverture means covering in French, and was originally used in Europe for the making of chocolate coatings by adding more cocoa powder than chocolate to make the texture more fluid.

Also, couverture chocolate is very delicate and easily affected by temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.
Therefore, it is a difficult ingredient to use unless you have mastered the skills to handle it.

Criteria for Couverture

According to international standards, chocolate can only be labeled as "couverture" if it contains at least 35% total cocoa solids, at least 2.5% non-fat cocoa solids, and no substitute fats other than cocoa butter.

As you can see, Couverture Chocolate used in Salon de Royal’s is a rare chocolate that meets strict international standards and requirements.

Enjoy Salon de Royal Collection 
1. Salon de Royal Marugoto Strawberry (40g)
2. Salon de Royal cocoa coated Pecan Nut Chocolate
3. Salon de Royal Matcha coated Pecan Nut Chocolate

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