【Story】Echizen Kaisen Club

【Story】Echizen Kaisen Club

Cracker Revolution

Echizen Fukui, Mikuni Port is a port town famous for its fresh Echizen crabs and sweet shrimps.

The Echizen Kaisen Club was founded by generations of fishermen who knew the area well.

Utilizing the wisdom and traditional techniques nurtured by successive generations of fishermen

The Echizen Kaisen Club Seafood Senbei were developed to preserve the natural flavor of the abundant and fresh seafood throughout the four seasons.

Hence, Echizen Kaisen Club Senbei has been developed.

With the wisdom and traditional techniques nurtured by successive generations of fishermen, Echizen Kaisen Club has been handing down the "old-fashioned hand-baked rice cracker" to the next generation.

Their seafood senbei are made from fresh seafood with its natural flavour preserved.

They take the time and effort to bake octopus, squid, crab, shrimp, sea bream, and other seafood into what you see and eat the seafood senbei.

Dedicated Quality

The "scent of the sea" that you can smell the moment you open the bag is proof that fresh seafood is used.

Made as it is from seafood while it’s fresh.

What do they mean by "as-it-is"?

Deliver not only the shape but also the flavour of the fresh seafood through senbei.

Committed to making it easy for more people to taste freshly caught seafood.

For example, "Echizen Amaebi Karaage Senbei" is made with only the freshest Echizen Amaebi that is landed in the morning at Mikuni Port in Fukui Prefecture, one of the best amaebi fishing grounds in Japan.

This is because fresh amaebi, which are commonly used as sashimi at high-end restaurants, can be made into rice crackers so that more people can enjoy the taste of freshly caught amaebi more easily.

Being particular about even the quality of starch

Starch plays a minor but important role in the production of rice crackers and is used as the main ingredient in round rice crackers.

It plays a role in sealing in the flavour and taste of seafood.

While many rice cracker manufacturers use "processed starch" for cost and processability reasons, Echizen Kaisen Club has been using potato starch from Hokkaido to ensure food safety and maximize the taste of the ingredients.

Utilizing the experience and connections of the previous generation of fishermen and carefully selected seafood ingredients.

At the time of the establishment of Echizen Kaisen Club, they had been developing their products by focusing on local Echizen ingredients.

However, due to various reasons such as changes in the natural environment and a decrease in the amount of seafood caught, it has become difficult to use only Echizen ingredients.

Now, utilizing the wisdom, experience, and connections of former fishermen, they search for ingredients from all over Japan, and the world for seafood that are as good as those from Echizen in terms of taste, flavour, and carefully select them as ingredients.

Enjoy Seafood Crackers from Echizen Kaisen club

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