【Story】Tanoyama Yamachi Rakunou 〜HAKUSEN Mountain Ground Double Cream〜

【Story】Tanoyama Yamachi Rakunou 〜HAKUSEN  Mountain Ground Double Cream〜

- Aiming for the Ideal Mountain Dairy Farm with A Family of Nine -

Mr. Kimio Yoshizuka, the president of Tanohata Mountain Dairy Milk Co., Ltd. met the Kyoji Naohara, the founder of "mountain dairy farming," which takes advantage of Japan's topography and the vitality of cows, while studying at an agricultural university, and decided to become a leader in this field himself.

"Most of the land in Japan is mountainous. Mountain dairy farming is the ideal way to make the most of the mountains and live in harmony with humans.

He then moved from Chiba Prefecture to Tanohata Village in Iwate Prefecture, where he spent 3 years searching for a place to settle and 15 years cultivating the land while training at Kumagai Farm, another mountain dairy farm. Despite his efforts to finally realize his dream of mountain dairy farming, the business was doomed due to cheap milk on the market. There are times when there are no dishes on the table with his father, mother, and seven siblings...

Despite these ups and downs, the number of people who were captivated by the milk from the mountain dairy farm was gradually increasing nationwide.

"I want more people to know about Tanohata Mountain Dairy's unique milk. Isn't there any way to do it?

Packed with the attractiveness of Mountain Dairy Farming, the one and only cheese "Hakusen" is made!

One day, Yushi had a shocking taste of cheese.

He was stunned, "How delicious it is... So, milk is delicious. With cheese, the delicious milk can be squeezed into something that can be enjoyed for a long time around the world...!

After undergoing rigorous training in cheesemaking, he returned to Tanohata Village and began a trial-and-error process using milk from the Tanohata Mountain Dairy.

He spent a lot of time and effort researching the appropriate amount of moisture needed for good ripening, and trying every possible salt that would perfectly match the milk to achieve the ideal taste.

Finally, the fresh, natural cheese "Hakusen" was born from mountain dairy farming.

A Grand Prix won by two generations of father and son

They want people to know the appeal of mountain dairy farming through "Hakusen". With this in mind, he and his father, who started a mountain dairy farm in Iwate, went to the Japan's Treasure Grand Prix in Iwate.

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