【Story】Shuka En

【Story】Shuka En

Passion of Shuka-en

As a 60 years old-farm, it returned to the basics of grape cultivation and set three ideal pillars for Shuka-en.

"Delicious", "Enjoyable", and "Beautiful"

"We will deliver delicious agricultural products from Nagano Prefecture to people around the world."

Shuka-en aims to bring excitement and joy to our customers.

"We will create a time and place where all of our employees, our future leaders, can enjoy their work."

Shuka-en aims for self-realization and enrichment of the lives of its employees.

"We will not let this land fall into disrepair, but will make it a beautiful and valuable place for many people to visit."

Shuka-en will contribute to the local community.

Seasons of Grapes


-Time to start growing actively for the summer-

New shoots and flower buds

As it heads into the summer months, buds are trimmed to remove unwanted branches, taking into account sunlight and air circulation.

Shuka-en is trying to promote healthy and moderate growth, and manage the growth of the plants in detail for flowering and fruiting.

The weather conditions of the year also have a great impact on the growth of the plants, so they make adjustments based on their predictions that have been cultivated over years.

Bunch shaping

Since the fruiting of Kyoho grape varieties is unstable, the flower ears are trimmed and shaped by checking the strength of the shoots before full bloom. Cut off the flower buds, leaving a few centimeters at the tip of the ear. This will help prevent flower stunting and improve fruiting.


-The grapes are bearing fruit, the leaves are growing fast-

Thinning out superfluous grain

Unwanted grains are removed to promote the growth of the grains. Wearing a cotton glove on the left hand, being careful not to damage the fruit and to remove the bloom from the surface of the grain.

Initial colouring

This is the time when the water begins to circulate in the grapes and the color begins to develop. This is when the grapes are bagged to protect them from contamination, bird damage, and insect damage. For more than 10 years, they have been reducing the amount of pesticides applied by about 40% compared to the standards set by the local government. Creating healthy soil leads to healthy growth, which in turn leads to the reduction of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


-The grains are large and colourful and ready to be harvested-

Almost ready for harvest

In late summer, the grains become larger and darker in color. The grapes are dark blue and large, with an average sugar content of over 20 degrees, and not only are they sweet, but they are also moderately acidic and full-bodied. Tomi City is located at the foot of Mt. Asama, with low annual rainfall and large daily temperature differences, making it ideal for growing Kyoho grapes.

Grape inspection

Early in the morning, they start harvesting. Each bunch is carefully harvested, making sure that it is ripe.


-The grapes have been harvested and it is time for them to rest-

The pruned branches and leaves are made into charcoal, and that charcoal is returned to the fields to help activate soil ions, enzymes, and active fungi. They also try to return as much of the garden's products back into the garden to keep it as close to its natural environment as possible. Their goal is to increase the circulation ratio in the garden.

History of Shuka-en

Shigeichi Takeuchi is the founder of Shuka-en.

Later, Akira Takeuchi was involved in creating the basic structure of the Nagano Agricultural Cooperative after the war.

Kazuhide Takeuchi (currently the president of Shuka-en, father of Takanobu Watanabe) was involved in the modernization of agriculture by introducing Kyoho grape cultivation and establishing the technology.

Shuka-en's grape cultivation is also the history of Kyoho grape cultivation in Nagano Prefecture.

In 1955, Kazuhide Takeuchi received a seedling directly from Mr. Oigami, a breeder of Kyoho grapes in Izu, planted the seedling in 1956, marking the beginning of the history of Kyoho grape cultivation in Nagano Prefecture.


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