Tokusan-grade Japanese Ikura, Soy Sauce Marinated

Tokusan-grade Japanese Ikura, Soy Sauce Marinated

The scarcity of Japanese salmon Ikura, renowned for its unparalleled quality and often referred to as the "Tokusan" in the Toyosu market, has become even more pronounced due to the recent serious decline in salmon catches, making it an exceptionally rare delicacy, even in Japan.
Take this chance to indulge in the exquisite pleasure of savoring Tokusan-grade Japanese Ikura!


Large roe, fresh, and beautifully colored with the clear taste


Larger in size than the Ikura commonly found in supermarkets, this delectable treat offers an abundance of plump texture that truly elevates your dining experience.
The generously sized, thin-skinned Ikura pearls effortlessly melt in your mouth, releasing a burst of flavor that's unparalleled.


To ensure the utmost freshness, each batch is meticulously processed on the very day of capture, and then, it undergoes a marination process in a carefully guarded secret sauce, resulting in a flavor that is both rich and delightfully light.

Is is meticulously prepared, with freshly caught roe marinated in soy sauce and expertly aged to perfection.


Meticulously chosen by artisan with 60 years of expertise


It is an exceptional delicacy, often referred to as "Tokusan" in Toyosu market, including the renowned Toyosu Fish Market, signifying the highest quality.

With 60 years of expertise, the skilled professionals meticulously handpick the finest fish roe and craft each roe with meticulous care and attention to detail.

It represents the epitome of excellence, setting the industry standard.


Value of Japanese Ikura


Japanese Ikura's popularity owes much to not only the quality of the salmon but also the unique processing techniques developed in Japan.
These methods involve careful selection, followed by salting and marinating in special seasonings, resulting in enhanced flavors and textures that elevate the Ikura's deliciousness.
The combination of premium salmon, Japan's favorable environment, and advanced processing techniques has made "Japanese Ikura" a sought-after delicacy both in Japan and worldwide today.


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