Grape season has finally come!

Grape season has finally come!

As autumn approaches, it's time to savor the season's freshest grapes.
You can now pre-order the popular Pione and Shine Muscat varieties from Ohta Market!


Pione Grape


Shine Muscat



1. Pione Grapes


It is a grape variety created by crossbreeding "巨峰" (Kyoho) and "Cannon Hall Muscat".
It is often referred to as a "thoroughbred variety" as it combines the best qualities of both Kyoho and Muscat grapes.
The name "Pione" originates from the Italian word meaning "pioneer."


Its taste is characterized by a strong sweetness combined with a refreshing acidity, providing a crisp and delightful flavor.
They have excellent flavor, being juicy with a sugar content of 16 degrees or higher, and they boast a strong sweetness complemented by a well-balanced acidity.
Despite their large size, they are packed with juicy flesh, thanks to their Muscat heritage, which imparts a refreshing aroma and easy-to-eat quality not found in Kyoho grapes.


The Secrets of Grape's Sweetness


Generally, grapes tend to be sweeter towards the shoulder or upper part of the bunch.
Therefore, when you start eating from the lower part and move upwards, you'll notice that the sweetness gradually intensifies, making it more enjoyable to eat.


The History of Pione Grapes


The history of "Pione" began in 1957 (Showa 32) when it was developed by the researcher Hideo Igawa in Shizuoka, Japan.
Mr. Igawa, who developed numerous grape hybrid varieties during his career, created over 1,100 grape varieties, but "Pione" is renowned as one of the most delicious and large-grain grapes among them.


2. Shine Muscat


It offers a refreshing aroma unique to Muscat varieties and is seedless, with low acidity and abundant sweetness, making it enjoyable to eat with its skin.

Grapes are fruits where sweetness is more concentrated at the top of the bunch.
It is recommended to start eating from the lower part of the cluster and move upwards to savor the stronger sweetness.

To preserve its freshness, it is advisable to wash the grapes right before consumption.


The Unique Allure of Shine Muscat


A green seedless grape, this one in particular is a favourite amongst many. Growing up to a large size of 4 centimetres in diameter, they are a sight to behold.

Boasting a defined aroma that permeates your nostrils soothingly, there is a distinct crisp when bitten. Immediately, your mouth is filled with an explosion of a sweet and slightly floral flavour, accompanied by a soft and delicate consistency.


The Sunlit Cultivation of Shine Muscat


For shine muscat to grow at its finest, it requires thick fertile soil and exposed to plenty of sunlight.
The more sunlight helps ensure that the sweetness stays strong and concentrated in each grape.

An important and prominent step in the cultivation process is covering each cluster of grapes with a paper bag.
This is done for numerous reasons such as protection from pests and disease, improving the consistent colouring of its surface, and preventing any sort of physical damage like blemishes from the elements.


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