【Story】Kochi Fair

【Story】Kochi Fair

Welcome to Kochi Fair,
bringing beautiful “Kochi” to the world!

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Kochi prefecture, previously called Tosa, has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources since the past. Thanks to the rich environment, Kochi prefecture has produced a lot of local specialty in the food industry.

To introduce the appeals of Kochi prefecture, J Passport collaborates with Kochi government officially again!

This time, we focus on the delicious food, that is blessed the climate and geographical features of Kochi prefecture.

Kochi is blessed with a mild climate and its southern part is surrounded by Pacific Ocean. Is has also abundant forest. Surprisingly, 84% of Kochi prefecture’s area is forested!

These features bring unique specialties from both forest & sea, like wild vegetables, yuzu, sweet fish and unagi.

Enjoy awesome local specialties from Kochi!

Story of Tosa Inaka Sushi

Tosa Inaka Sushi is a project started by Kochi Prefecture to introduce Tosa's traditional culture, country sushi, to the world.

The project started in 2018 with the participation of a group of local women in Kochi Prefecture, professional chefs and cookery researchers.

The company was invited to participate from the beginning of the project and worked together to develop the product, which was completed in April 2021, unveiled in June, and started selling.

Tosa Inaka Sushi won the grand prize in the lunch box and side dish category at the 2018 Supermarket Trade Show.

 Since they originally ran a rice shop, they are very good at making Tosa Inaka sushi that makes rice taste good, and they won the grand prize by impressing the judges.

To enjoy our product of Kochi Fair, please refer to the Kochi Fair logo on the right button of product list!



【Recipe】Unagi Recipe

【Recipe】Unagi Recipe

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