【Recipe】Unagi Recipe

【Recipe】Unagi Recipe

Of course, it's great served over rice, but there are so many recipes to try!

Unagi Sandwich 

40g of Shimanto Unagi Kabayaki
4 eggs
2 slices of bread

Mixture A
1 teaspoon sugar
A pinch of salt
10g of butter
1 tablespoon milk
1 and 1/2 tbsp cream cheese


  1. Heat Shimanto Unagi kabayaki in a toaster. Put the butter in a heatproof container and heat in a microwave oven (600w) for 10 seconds to melt it.
  2. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add (Mixture A) and mix. Make sure to cut the whites and do not over mix.
  3. Heat an omelet pan, add oil (not to be used), and pour in 1/3 of the egg mixture. Place the kabayaki on the back of the pan, and when it is half-boiled, fold it in half from the back to the front. Slide the half-folded omelet to the back, add a thin layer of oil to the space in front, and repeat the same process twice more to make a thick omelet.
  4. Wrap in plastic wrap while still hot, shape and remove from heat.
  5. Spread cream cheese on both sides of the bread using a butter knife. Spread the cream cheese on both sides of the bread using a butter knife or something similar. Sandwich the egg between the bread and cut off the ears. Cut into desired size pieces.

Umaki (omelet-wrapped eel)

3 eggs
Shimanto Unagi
2 tablespoons Dashi
1 teaspoon potato starch
A pinch of salt
1 teaspoon sake
A little oil


  1. Pour 1 teaspoon of sake over the Shimanto Unagi Kabayaki and warm it in a microwave oven at 600w for 20 seconds. 
  2. Dissolve potato starch in 2 tablespoons of dashi.
  3. Crack 3 eggs, add potato starch dissolved in the prepared broth, and season with salt.
  4. When the surrounding area starts to harden, put Shimanto Unagi Kabayaki in the back and roll it up from the back to the front.
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