【Story】Ise Strawberry Field in Munakata City

【Story】Ise Strawberry Field in Munakata City
💡About Ise Strawberry Field in Munakata City

Farm is located In Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, run by a couple and their four staff members.

In Japan, where it is considered difficult to cultivate strawberries without pesticides, they have spent about 10 years establishing their own organic cultivation method that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and have obtained JAS organic certification, a national organic certification.

While organic cultivation of strawberries can provide safe and secure strawberries, it also results in a large percentage of substandard products, and is a clumsy and muddy method of cultivation with low production efficiency.

They have customers with allergies who say, "I get an itch in my throat after eating the supermarket's Amaou, but I was ok with Ise's strawberries.!!" 

They consider these feedbacks as their grade, and it makes them proud that they are not doing anything wrong. Safe products are really tasty and nutritious. They will continue to make strawberries the old-fashioned way.

💡About Safety Inspection

Recognized as JAS organic certification which is quite rare for strawberries!!
Their strawberries are cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers from the time the seedlings are planted until the end of production. In addition to attaching the JAS organic mark as proof, they conduct biennial inspections of more than 300 items for pesticide residues to confirm that there are no pesticide residues.

They strive to objectively prove the safety of our products by having them audited by a third-party organization.

Twice a year, the fruit and leaves are tested for pesticide residues, and the soil and water quality of the fields are tested.

They also conduct soil and water tests twice a year to confirm the safety of our products (no chemical allergens).

They use the JAS organic mark to certify that our products are certified organic by the government.

Enjoy our "
Organic Certified Amaou Strawberry Frozen (1kg/500g×2)"...


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