[New] Freshest Peach, Melons, direct from Japan

[New] Freshest Peach, Melons, direct from Japan

You can now pre-order,

Exquisite Fresh Fruits

direct from the renowned Ota Market in Tokyo.


This is the start of a new service, using J Passport's direct flight, working with professional market buyers to bring the fresh fruits and quality seafoods, directly from Toyosu and Ota Wholesale Market.


Working with direct professional buyers from the wholesale marker means that you will receive the best quality of fruits at the most affordable price.


Quality can be experienced from a private preview event held last week for selected members.


The response was incredible.

In preparation of our next direct flight, we are thrilled to soft-launch our very first pre-order of the fresh fruits that sells out quickly during the event!


Our next flight schedule: 21st July.


Top 5 Fresh Fruits you should try:

#1 Best Seller

Sweet Japanese Peaches


Fresh peaches of the season in Japan.

Larger and slight thicker skin, it is a juicy and sweet peach that boasts a sweetness of 12 degrees or more.


Japanese Peach / 桃 / 1.5kg, 5 pcs (size 18)



Enjoy the fresh fruits, sea urchin and quality seafood, directly air-flown from Ota Market, with professional fruit buyers.


Together with the professional buyers (mekikis), experience first-hand on the products of the best quality for the price. Direct auction process from our buyers means that we are able to bring fresh quality fruits direct from Japan to you, saving additional markups, yet enjoying its quality.


Depending on items available on the day of auction, let our team choose the best quality that is worth the price paid to you!


What makes Uji matcha special?

What makes Uji matcha special?

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