What makes Uji matcha special?

What makes Uji matcha special?

The Exceptional Influence of Kyoto Uji's Climate on the Finest Matcha Quality


Praised by many as the highest quality of matcha you can find, what exactly makes Kyoto Uji matcha so special?

Well, it all comes down to the climate of the city due to its geographical location, where superb conditions are met for the matcha to grow the best. It is literally the foundation in terms of the earth, but the baseline necessity needed for it to grow that harvest the best produce.


Exploring our exclusive Matcha collections

We have carefully handpicked two exceptional varieties of matcha, chosen exclusively for their unmatched aroma and exquisite flavour. 


Nurturing Exquisite Matcha Through Natural Abundance


Encircled by mountains and hills with rivers meandering through the city, it creates a great environment for the moisture from those places to be trapped and laid all over the fields.

The tall peaks also ensure that strong winds are a rare occurrence.

With the richness of vapour in the air, the soil is packed with nutrients allowing for the matcha leaves to flourish in all its glory.


Matcha is harvested with only the youngest tea leaves as they are more flavourful and sweeter, but making it easier to be ground up as well.

Due to its geography a lot of the matcha farms in Uji are planted along slopes where machines are unable to harvest the leaves.

This means that they must be handpicked which works out in a way as it ensures that only the best quality ones are plucked.


From Ancient Origins to Cultural Icon


Kyoto, Uji is the birthplace of matcha dating all the way back to 1191 when the Japanese Buddhist monk Eisai brought back these tea seeds from China, when he grew an adoration for it after studying and living there.

These very seeds were swiftly planted at the temple grounds of Byōdō-in where it continued to be cultivated and beloved over centuries.

During this time, it became an integral part of Japanese culture spawning practices such as tea ceremonies.


Sustained Energy and Abundant Nutrients for Well-being


A big factor to the draw that matcha has, is its many health benefits.

While it provides energy like a coffee or an energy drink will, it is compounded from its natural components releasing its energy gradually overtime where you will not experience any crashes and will see that it lasts longer.

Filled with nutrients, it provides more than enough for the body with elements like antioxidants that help prevent chronic diseases.


Unveiling the Art of the Traditional Tea Ceremony


Traditional tea ceremonies can be a big event; however, it can be nice to try experience it yourself at home.

To do this it begins with a host preparing the tea using tools such as the ‘chasen’ (tea whisk).

Wagashi is served alongside the tea to provide the blissful blend of sweet and bitter, so it is eaten before drinking.

As the guest, the tea bowl is to be placed before you facing in your direction.

Pick it up with it cradled in your palms and using one of your hands, rotate the bowl 90 degrees.

You can then drink the tea, placing it in front of you when you are finished and bowing to express your gratitude.



100% Pure Kyoto Uji Matcha (100g)





Unveiling the Supreme Matcha Offering Unbeatable Value


It has garnered great acclaim at our offline events for its robust aroma and rich flavor.
We have sampled types of matcha, considering both price and taste, and we have yet to encounter a matcha as delicious as this one.


It's highly received in Japan


“The color is beautiful and the taste and aroma are good. 
The matcha was very fine and dissolved quickly in hot water, leaving no residue. 
I drink matcha with every meal, so I buy more when it runs out.
It's amazing that you can buy matcha of this quality for this price.”

“I love Starbucks matcha lattes, and I wanted to make my own at home.
And I found this one with good reviews.
The matcha aroma and taste are great, and it's easier to use than other matcha I've bought.
It's also easy to dissolve.
This product tasted better than the matcha lattes I buy from convenience stores."



100% Pure Kyoto Uji Matcha (100g)





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