[New] Fresh, Sweet, Fruit Tomatoes from Japan

[New] Fresh, Sweet, Fruit Tomatoes from Japan

Japanese fruits like peaches and melons are famous for their quality and sweetness. However, there's another hidden gem you might not be familiar with:

Japanese Fruit Tomatoes.

Unlike usual tomatoes, the Japanese have elevated this humble fruit to a whole new level of excellence.


Japanese Fruit Tomatoes have
twice the sweetness of normal tomatoes


First of all, in order to be called Fruit Tomato, the sugar content of tomato has to be of 8 degrees and more. Regular tomato, with only 4 to 6 degree of sweetness.


You can consider fruit tomato to be two times sweeter than regular tomatoes, and in fact, its sweetness degree is comparable to other Japanese fruits!


Suitable for kids and people who are not fond of normal sourness in tomatoes. It offers a different taste when cooked with pasta, or as it is!


Careful cultivation of sweetness and quality

It is also notable that fruit tomato is not a specially created variety, but a product grown from special cultivation method by farmers which controls the sweetness of the fruit.


Using "moisture control" technique, fruit tomatoes are grown with less watering, so the sweetness is condensed and does not grow too large. Other factors from ideal soil composition, farmer's expertise plays a role to control its quality.


Great as it is, or cooked as a dish


Fruits tomatoes are infused with umami, possess a vibrant and intense flavour that is both refreshing and satisfying.


It has remarkable balance of sweetness and acidity.


With every bite, you'll experience a burst of juiciness and a complex combination of sweet and tangy notes, creating a truly harmonious taste sensation.


How about trying fresh Japanese Fruit Tomato now?

You can now get your hands on the fresh quality Fruit Tomatoes, direct from Japan's renowned Ota Market.



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