[New] Fresh Peach, the cherished fruit of Japan

[New] Fresh Peach, the cherished fruit of Japan

The cherished fruit of Japan, the peach that is sourced directly from the Ota Wholesale Market in Tokyo by professional buyers.
They meticulously select the highest quality fruits that offer the best value for the price during this season.


The Delicate Art of Growing and Harvesting Japanese Peaches


To understand why Japanese peaches are highly praised and can catch a hefty price, it is important to learn the process behind creating the fruit.

They are cultivated in controlled conditions to avoid negative impacts from climate variations.
A protective bag is attached during the crucial stage of fruit formation to shield them from external elements and diseases.
Handpicked and thoroughly inspected, the peaches are carefully packaged in foam cups, placed beside each other to prevent bruising during transit.
These meticulous measures ensure the high quality and value of Japanese peaches.


As the Cherished Fruit of Japan


A culmination of the many years' farmers took in order to cultivate the perfect peach, this may well be the pinnacle of peaches.
Sporting a pale white appearance with a hint of pink, it was originally developed by a fruit researcher in the Okayama Prefecture where it remains as a big producer of premier peaches.


The Hakuto peach is often larger in size compared to others and is brimming with sweet juice just waiting to stream after a bite.
During the peach season in Japan, which spans from June to September, the coinciding tradition of "ochugen" gift-giving makes peaches a highly sought-after and popular present for family and loved ones.


The Historical Significance of Peaches in Japan


An example of the peach within Japanese culture is the legendary folktale of ‘Momotaro’ (Peach boy).
Taking place in Okayama, it follows the tale of a boy named Momotaro that was born from a large peach which was found drifting down a river by an old couple.
Quickly growing strong he sets out on an adventure to defeat the demons that are troubling the island.
It is one of the most famous stories in Japan and with the Okayama Prefecture being one of the main suppliers of peaches in the country, it is evident at how culturally significant this fruit is.



This is the start of J Passport new service.

You can now pre-order exquisite Fresh Fruits

direct from the renowned Ota Market in Tokyo.


Using J Passport's direct flight, working with professional market buyers to bring the fresh fruits and quality seafoods, directly from Toyosu and Ota Wholesale Market.


Together with the professional buyers (mekikis), experience first-hand on the products of the best quality for the price. Direct auction process from our buyers means that we are able to bring fresh quality fruits direct from Japan to you, saving additional markups, yet enjoying its quality.



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