Handpicked Japanese Selections for September

Handpicked Japanese Selections for September

Start September with our handpicked selections


Featuring our online store, shop.jpassport.asia, top 10 best-selling products, and new arrivals from Japan.


Explore a range that includes premium fruits, classic beverages, seafood and authentic Japanese sweets.


If you have not explored these collections, you have to check them our today:


1. Simmered Anago (Conger Eel)

- Michelin-Trusted, traditional flavours since 1950s -



With just one bite, you realise that this simmered conger eel is truly exceptional.


Its aroma, richness, and thickness of the flesh leave nothing to be desired. You'll find yourself wanting to savour it bite after bite.


NIANAGO - Michelin-Trusted Simmered Conger Eel from Yamago



2. Japanese Red Melon

- Juicy, aromatic fragrance that stimulate the appetite -


Red melon is known for its rich, intense sweetness and a delightful aroma.

Even before reaching full ripeness, it tends to have a minimal scent.
Many varieties of this melon actually have a soft texture!


[Pre-Order] Red Meat Melon / 1.6kg, 1pc



3. Negitoro (Minced Bluefin Tuna)

- From one of the famous Maguro wholesaler in Japan -


Negitoro is often cited as favourite sushi topping in Japan.

It is fatty and delicious, made from the part of the tuna called "Nakaochi," which is the part that remains around the middle bone and is attached to the bone. 


[Sashimi Grade] Negitoro (Minced Bluefin Tuna)



4. Sashimi Grade Oysters

- Fresh, sweet, plump flesh, unlike the usual oysters -



Oysters from Yamada Town, Japan.

The same oyster standard as you expected in high-end restaurants!


Froze live using the latest freezing technology to maintain it's freshness and plumpness so you can enjoy the taste it as if it is live!


[Sashimi Grade] Yamada Bay Oyster (12pcs) with whole shell



5. Hokkaido Black Cheesecake


Rich in flavour and texture, yet not too sweet.

Bamboo charcoal chocolate souffle with haskap (honey-berry) jam, finished with smooth cheese cream.


Each cake is handmade one by one, even after more than 100 years of confectionary history, the craftsmen still put their heart and soul into each and every handmade products.


Hokkaido Black Cheesecake



6. Japanese Green Melon

- With intricate net-like pattern, a symbol of quality -



It is characterised by a refreshing, cool sweetness and aroma, which may have less richness compared to the Red meat melon. 


[Pre-Order] Green Meat Melon / 2kg, 1pc



7. 16 Grains Amazake

- A summer favourite, suitable for Singapore weather -



A Japanese traditional fermented drink, also known as drinkable IV shot, is made into even a healthier drink by adding highly nutritious grains.


It is prepared using the traditional method of koji fermentation, and you can enjoy the natural sweetness and richness derived from Japanese rice, koji, and grains.


16 Grains Amazake



8. Strawberry Mix for Milk

- A must-try for Japanese strawberry lovers -


Pair it with milk, or just enjoy as it is! Contains a generous 60% of Akihime strawberry known for its slightly soft texture, smooth mouthfeel, abundant juice, low acidity, and pronounced sweetness.


It also makes an excellent topping to ice cream or shaved ice.


Strawberry Mix for Milk



9. Traditional Japanese Soy Sauce

- By brewery masters since 1947 -



Traditional Award-winning soy sauce made from carefully selected ingredients aged in cedar barrel made in 1869.


It is recommended for those who don't like salty soy sauce. This dark soy sauce allows you to enjoy the true flavour of soy sauce. for the umami and a hint of sweetness.


Traditional Dark Soy Sauce (Cedar Barrel Pure Brew)



10. Grated Wasabi

- Convenient condiment with seafood, steaks and rice -



100% Real Wasabi. The Wasabi professionals have created this with "Wasabi stalks" added for a chewy texture!


You can enjoy the unprecedented taste and texture of wasabi in a variety of dishes. By finely grinding low-temperature dried wasabi leaves, they are able to reproduce the aroma and natural colour of wasabi (*no colouring is used).


100% Grated Wasabi with Crunchy Wasabi Stem



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[New] Tendon Bento by Kaneko Hannosuke

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