[New] Tendon Bento by Kaneko Hannosuke

[New] Tendon Bento by Kaneko Hannosuke

The signature dish of menu from Kaneko Hannosuke, known as traditional "Edomae Tendon" establishment, featuring the top portion (ingredients) of the rice bowl, can now be easily enjoyed at home in Singapore using the latest freezing technology.


Frozen Tendon (without rice) from
Renowned Edomae Tendon from Tokyo


Due to the overwhelming popularity of this Tendon Bnto at the recent offline event, we want to bring the joy to even more people.
Therefore, we are excited to announce that we will be launching online as well!
With a modest sweetness and a refreshing glaze, the sauce harmoniously envelops tempura fried in high-temperature sesame oil, creating a perfectly balanced interplay with the white rice.


After much trial and error, they discovered that the ideal ingredients for their secret sauce-matched tempura are Conger eel, Shrimp, Squid, and Sweet Green pepper and all sourced daily from Toyosu Market.

This artful blend culminates in the visually impressive and sophisticated Edomae Tendon.


What's inside?


*This Tendon Bento does not include rice


What is Edomae Tendon?


"Edomae Tendon" is a unique dish of freshly fried tempura in sesame oil, served on rice with a sweet and savory sauce.
Unlike regular tempura bowls, it boasts a moist texture and rich color.
Tokyo's famous 'KANEKO HANNOSUKE' brings authentic Edomae Tendon bento to Singapore, allowing you to savor it at home.


What Makes it Special?


1. Experience Authentic Edomae Tendon at Home


The ingredients of the Edomae Tendon Bento are freshly fried and then instantly frozen using cutting-edge freezing technology.
You can enjoy Kaneko Hannosuke's original Edomae Tendon Bento in the comfort of your home, just as warm and delightful as in the restaurant.


2. Abundantly Packed Secret Sauce


The Exclusive Sauce used In the restaurant, preserving the secret flavor passed down for three Generations.
You can truly savor the taste of tradition.


3. Faithfully Recreating the Restaurant's Flavors


Included in the set are the popular side dish "Gari Gobo" and the essential fragrant yuzu peel for flavor variation.

Start by Enjoying the Aroma of Yuzu Peel...


For a Palate Cleanser, Please Try the Gari Gobo!


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