3 Seafoods that Meet Cutting-edge Technology

3 Seafoods that Meet Cutting-edge Technology

At JPassport, where we take pride in every quality of our seafood collection,
we present to you a curated selection of three premium seafood choices that exemplify excellence,
enhanced by the power of various technologies.


1. Michelin-Trusted Simmered Conger Eel from Yamago

with Frozen Technology


Yamago, the most renowned conger eel establishment in Toyosu Market.
This delicate fish is surrounded by gentle cold air and rapidly cooled, minimizing damage and preserving its quality through specialized freezing techniques that prevent drying, oxidation, and discoloration, resulting in an even more delicious flavor.


Furthermore, this unique freezing technique enhances the umami and richness by over 25% compared to raw seafood, faithfully recreating the texture of freshly seafood.
Procured by buyers and promptly prepared at the market, these conger eels are perfectly preserved through the special freezing technique, ensuring an experience of flawlessly cooked anago that leaves no room for complaint.


2. Takowasa with Wasabi root

with R&D Technology


Through research and development at Maruara LABO within their company, they strive to create a culinary experience that goes beyond just delicious taste.

Their goal is to bring “health-conscious and delicious” to the dining table.

They minimize the use of additives and maximize the utilization of ingredients to achieve this goal.


Of course, compromise is not an option even with the core ingredients.
They source exceptionally fresh and carefully selected octopus directly from the Southern Sanriku region’s origins and shores.
This ensures that they maintain unparalleled freshness throughout the process.
Their dedication extends even to the use of wasabi, where they use real wasabi instead of paste.
This commitment to authenticity is a result of their extensive research and development efforts.


3. Sashimi Grade Yamada Bay Oyster with Shell

with Aquaculture Technology


Developed by three dedicated fishermen who are passionate about oyster cultivation, the "Single Seed" cultivation technique is a remarkable achievement.
This method involves individually placing young oyster larvae into nets and nurturing them underwater. 

While it demands meticulous care, the resulting Single Seed oysters can be harvested within a year, boasting a clean and refreshing flavor while maintaining a pristine white appearance.


This breakthrough has revolutionized oyster farming, making it possible to enjoy these oysters fresh and raw, with an irresistibly rounded shell brimming with succulent meat, right down to the last millimeter.


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